Monday, November 4th, 2019

At CL’s, Mariah’s nervous about her romantic surprise party for Tessa. Sharon promises to keep her lame jokes to herself – and yes, of course Tessa will love this.

Kyle’s getting dressed for the party while on the phone with Jack. Still having nothing good to say about Theo, he warns his Dad to find out more about him – and listen to your instincts.

Arriving at TGP to hear Chelsea asking Abby about the guest she was talking to earlier, Nick quips – should I be worried?

Theo’s family – Jack thinks Kyle’s judgment is clouded. We’ll talk later – he has a meeting to get to.

Chelsea isn’t overly interested – she heard the guest was a big investor and it’s always good to know what brings clientele through the door. Nick’s at TGP to meet with Jack (who then arrives) When Chelsea gets to work, Abby notes that she’s a bit off. The men left alone, Nick repeats to Jack that Chelsea’s fine – just worried about Connor. As for Adam, if he tries anything, he’ll fail.

Adam’s relaxing on the couch when Connor cries out ‘No!!’ I’m coming! Adam sprints upstairs.

Where’s the dinner crowd? Tessa’s surprised to find Society empty. Did you do something for our one year anniversary? Mariah asks Tessa to put this blindfold and headphones on. OK – anything for you, Tessa obeys – happy anniversary. Lola comes out – Tessa doesn’t know?? She’s got all the dishes ready. Kyle, the party planner arrives in a tux as Mariah ushers a blindfolded Tessa into Abby’s office – leaving Kyle to kiss Lola.

Adam’s brought a scared Connor downstairs – Daddy’s here – everything’s OK.

Getting a call from Adam, Chelsea informs Nick that she has to go see Connor. Nick claims to understand but is clearly troubled.

Decorating the table, Mariah encourages Kyle to talk to her about whatever’s bothering him – that he’s not supposed to talk about tonight.

Jack asks Nick whether his political plans exceed city council. Is your Father supportive? Yes, but Nick’s trying to distance himself from the Newman name (and his past) Jack thinks it great that he’s giving the people of GC a safe, affordable place to live. Phyllis enters with a slow clap.

What’s going on little man? Chelsea comforts Connor – there’s nothing to worry about. What do we usually do when we’re scared? It’s been a while since we did Magic Eyes. Connor lists all the things he has to be happy about – ending with Mom and Dad. Adam watches as Chelsea continues the list, Connor in her arms.

When Jack asks Phyllis to weigh in on Nick’s candidacy, she’s coy – it’s great seeing her two favourite ex-husbands in her hotel. After Jack leaves, Nick asks Phyllis why she doesn’t seem keen on him entering politics.

Connor now back in bed, Adam asks Chelsea how she made everything OK – just the other day, he was screaming that he didn’t want to go home with you. Chelsea basically explains a Mother’s unconditional love. He’s acting out to test your love for him. Adam’s sorry that she’s hurt that Connor’s staying with him and can see how much she loves her son. He’s my world, Chelsea wonders what could be behind this – has anyone said anything to him? Adam gets the feeling she’s thinking of something/someone specific. I’m his Dad – I need to know what it is.

Welcoming Sharon and Rey, Mariah sends them in to get a drink then greets/thanks Abby. It’s time – places, she then announces, then brings Tessa out to the small gathering and beautiful decor. The best is yet to come, Mariah promises with a kiss.