Monday, November 4th, 2019

Phyllis isn’t saying Nick shouldn’t run. But? She’s afraid politics will change him. You’re too good – with so many ideas to help people. Nick wants to do that from the inside. Phyllis thinks that naive. She worries he’ll turn into his Father.

All seated, Kyle suggests a toast to himself – for bringing Mariah and Tessa together on that magical night on the rooftop. You’re welcome. Lola’s next to congratulate her two best friends. Sharon stands – she had her doubts but is happy to be proven wrong. This relationship has made Mariah a better woman. To Tessa and Mariah. Proving that true love does exist, Abby adds. Mariah now gets to the entertainment portion of the evening. She hopes Tessa’s up for one more cheesy surprise.

Here goes nothing – Mariah stands to read a poem that is indeed corny but funny and sweet. Wiping away tears, Tessa stands. All follow and toast the lovebirds.

Chelsea thinks Connor’s nightmare may have been caused by video games (and/or the other players online) Adam will pay more attention but gets uppity at the implication that Connor might not be safe with him. Chelsea smooths things over by teaching ‘Magic Eyes’ – name the things you love one by one. It helps with his anxiety. Adam thanks Chelsea – he really wants to co-parent with her. After an awkward goodbye, she leaves.

Nick’s always worried he might turn into his Father (like when he impersonated JT) As he’s promising Phyllis that’ll never happen, Abby appears in the background. Then you have my vote, Phyllis gives Nick a teary hug. After he leaves, Abby snarls – don’t even think about it. Maybe I’ll hit that – again, Phyllis quips before sashaying off with a smirk.

At a dimly lit CL’s for coffee, Sharon tells Rey that she had reservations about Tessa but Mariah’s unwavering love finally won her over. I’m happy for them, she tears up. Sharon feels that her life is getting bigger and smaller. She’ll have her masters soon but will never stop learning. Rey wants to work towards better things. How? He puts a song on the jukebox – may I have this dance?

Also teary-eyed, Mariah and Tessa are continuing to express their love for one another at Society – and then it’s time to run off home.

Chelsea comes home to apologize. No need – Nick’s glad Adam called her over to comfort Connor. Any idea what caused the nightmare? No, but Chelsea has to wonder if Connor’s just trying to get his parents back together. Nick has to wonder if it’s Adam who’s trying to orchestrate that.

At home, Connor comes back down to say that he likes it when Mom’s here. Yeah, so do I, Adam hugs him.