Tuesday, November 5th, 2019

Traci finds Jack anxiously looking out the glass front door – not too late to cancel. She has reservations about this little get-to-know Theo party – but hearing that he was able to give Dina the gift of closure, she agrees to give him the benefit of the doubt. Kyle will have to find a way to accept this, Jack’s decided.

At Society, Lola’s ready to go to the get-together at the Abbott mansion and with some Yoda-speak and a blunt ‘suck it up’ encourages Kyle to give Theo a chance.

Theo bumps into Mariah at CL’s – literally, and wastes no time announcing that Kyle’s his cousin and not taking the news well. Mariah leaves Kyle a ‘call me back’ message and joins Sharon on the patio; where she’s studying for her last exam to earn her graduate’s degree. We’ll tackle this together, Mariah volunteers as study-partner.

At TGP, Abby detects Chelsea’s distraction over Simon (leaving the bar). Please, tell me there’s no trouble brewing. I’ll handle it, I always do, Chelsea reassures with a fake smile and bravado. Phyllis lurks in the background.

Sharon pauses the study session to say how lovely last night’s party was. Mariah bushes about her love for Tessa – but, every so often there’ll be a day when I don’t hear from her – like today. Perhaps she’s in creative mode. When Sharon goes inside for a refill, Mariah gets a text from Tessa – asking that she come to the GP for a belated anniversary surprise. Mariah will be there as soon as she can but it might be a while.

Lola joins Jack, Traci and Abby to say that Kyle’s in the car on a business call. Pressured to give her opinion of Theo, she says that one of the men has some growing up to do. Kyle walks into awkward silence.

Mariah replies to Tessa’s text as she continues to quiz Sharon (who thanks her ‘lifesaver’) And when she goes inside for a refill, picks up her phone when it pings – and is nearly brought to tears to read the string of texts letting her know that Tessa’s waiting for Mariah.

Life is pretty much perfect, Kyle tells Traci – who wants to make this easier on him. It’d be easier if Theo weren’t late to his own party, he gripes. Theo arrives on cue to warm welcomes. Don’t I know you from somewhere? his joke falls flat with Kyle (much to Lola’s disappointment)

Simon accosts Chelsea at TGP – give me what I want and I’ll be on my way. I’m not known for my patience, he saunters off. Agents Kean and Moore (Kevin and Chloe overdoing it in black suits) march in to flash badges and ask Chelsea about Simon Black – we believe you can help us.

Looking at the phone shoved in her face, Chelsea claims not to know the man described as Calvin’s business partner (who’s watching as he pretends to be on the phone) He’s ruthless, no one you want to mess around with, ‘agent’ Moore adds. Here’s my card – call if your memory improves – we’ll be keeping an eye on you. Also keeping an eye on Chelsea, Simon watches Kevin and Chloe exit.

When Mariah returns with coffee, Sharon insists she’s done studying and plans to go home and turn in early so she’ll be fresh for tomorrow ~hug~ You’re gonna ace this, Mariah leaves Sharon to pull her books back out for more studying.

All seated over drinks and snacks, Traci tells Theo that she and Steve lived in Turtle Beach for 25 years before buying a little flat in SoHo (after the divorce) Charming all, Theo waited tables before he met Kyle; coincidentally at a SoHo bistro that’s one of Traci’s favourites. Kyle rolls his eyes as everyone (even Lola) seems captivated – until a smart ass comment shuts everyone up.

Kyle stands and turning his back to the group, rolls his eyes and chomps on celery. Lola joins him to say she’s leaving. This isn’t easy for Theo but at least he’s trying – while you fume. I don’t want to be around you when you act this way. Not wanting to embarrass Kyle, she’ll make an excuse. Do better, she whispers before leaving to handle an emergency at work. Take care, she puts an arm on Theo on her way out – and gives Kyle the evil eye.