Wednesday, November 6th, 2019

Inviting Theo to be as much a part of the Abbott family as he wants to be, Jack offers to familiarize Theo with the family he just discovered – starting with his grandfather. Stewart Brooks was a respected publisher of the GC Chronicle for decades; a straight arrow. As for Dina, Jack could tell stories for days – if you have the time. As Lola watches with a smile in the background, Theo checks his stopwatch; he can make the time.

Full of admiration, Jack paints Dina as an amazing, woman ahead of her time who wanted a more glamorous life than being a wife and Mother – restless, she left the country to scratch an itch; ran a successful international conglomeration in a man’s world. She’d be able to drink you under the table, Jack then gives Theo a folder full of information about the Brooks family; contact info on the four Aunts who’d love to hear from him and newspaper articles – along with the adoption papers. It’s a lot – my door’s always open when you’re ready, he gives Theo a pat on the shoulder on his way out.

Billy dealt with something like this a few years ago when Cane pretended to be his brother. Now he’s screwed Devon out of 2.5 billion dollars. My Mom doesn’t see it – Jill thinks Cane’s king of the world. Kyle sees a difference – he’s not fooled by Theo and sees him for exactly who he is.

Lola comes out to find Theo reading Jack’s folder. What a great idea – did you know he flew to Miami to bring my Mom to the wedding? He’s a family man through and through. Theo wishes some of that rubbed off on Kyle – his anger isn’t just about us being related. He obviously hates me being around you; thinks I’m messing with him. Are you? Lola makes it clear that she’s capable of making her own decisions about people.

Kyle’s not proud of the way he acted last night, Lola confides – he knows he should have handled it better – it’s a lot for him to take in. Theo doesn’t really blame Kyle – we came from different backgrounds and see things differently. He can never understand what it’s like to struggle without having a rich family to fall back on. Lola can relate – running a food truck was stressful but rewarding. Theo can’t help but be impressed.

Back at Jabot, Kyle and Billy have something in common – embarrassment/shame over spending considerable time being asses. Your Daddy-O has a big heart – he welcomes family with open arms, Billy just hopes Theo doesn’t get close enough to take advantage (like Cane has/is)

Billy would never hurt me like JT did, Vikki’s sure. Not physically – a worried Nikki encourages her to confide. Victor told her that Billy tried to run Adam over but doubts he really wanted to kill him. Vikki’s not so sure; he was an emotional wreck and had a break from reality. What? Nikki’s alarmed. He was two different people, Vikki tries to explain. Are you worried it’s not over? Nikki’s even more concerned.

The Abbott’s either see me as a guy trying to cash in or a charity case, Theo explains why he feels like an outsider. Just be yourself, show them who you are. Her advice appreciated, Lola returns to the kitchen, leaving Theo to look at the Wall Street Financial online; Abbott Siblings expect to hit record sales with the Jabot Merger.

Billy doesn’t know for sure that Cane’s bilking Devon out of his billions but wouldn’t put it past him. Kyle agrees to keep an eye on Theo – but he’s more a nuisance than a danger. Mark my words, he’s a threat, Billy insists.
Billy’s reclaimed his life and is working out his anger in therapy, Vikki reassures her Mom that he’s in a good place. Neither of us is in denial – forget I said anything.

Opening his desk drawer, Billy pulls out a wrapped piece of gum, scowls at it and throws it in the garbage.