Wednesday, November 6th, 2019

Well, there’s a sight for sore eyes, Jack arrives at Society early for a breakfast meeting so has time to chit chat with Nikki about Nick’s political aspirations. We bring a wealth of knowledge – a winning candidate; a losing candidate, he reminds. You resigned the Senate in disgrace, Nikki jokes before inviting Jack to take a seat. Both agree Nick should distance himself from the Newman name and she’s sorry she lied to him about Victor’s death. Jack’s sorry Adam put them through this.

Hold any calls – we have an urgent merger to discuss, Billy calls out to an imaginary receptionist as he and Vikki bounce into her office to kiss like teenagers.

Nikki knows all about Theo Vanderway – Victor has eyes and ears all over town, plus Summer’s close to her grandfather. Jack confides that Kyle and Theo were partners in crime in NY. Now that Kyle’s married, he wants to put all that behind him – Theo feels left behind. Now they’re family and Jack’s walking a fine line between respecting his son’s feelings while honouring that Theo’s a link to a past they didn’t know existed.

At CL’s, Theo’s on the phone trying to close a deal with an influencer. Why do you need me? Good question.

Leaving? Kyle’s made Lola a breakfast tray. Of course we’re good, Lola’s sorry she left the party last night. But if Kyle’s feeling apologetic, maybe he can reach out to Theo.

Vikki puts the brakes on – what if someone comes in the door? She’s the boss now after all. I love you, she gently but firmly pushes Billy away. He then drops the bomb that Kay’s will was fraudulent. Poor Devon lost his wife, Father and now his money – to Cane (who should refuse it) He’s conning Devon, Billy believes. And since he’s worked up about it, he needs Vikki to distract him ~kiss~

Jack doesn’t know how Theo feels. How did he find out? Nikki hears that Dina blurted out the name Stewart Brooks – they had a baby. Meeting Theo, Dina mistook him for his Father Eric. It had quite an impact on Theo. And Dina too – Nikki knows the ache of giving up a child (Dylan) Theo was raised by loving parents and doesn’t feel he missed out on anything – but it’s so much to process; the road ahead might be bumpy.

Now on the patio, Theo continues his pitch. No problem – give the big agency a try. If they don’t give you the attention you deserve circle back to me. Hanging up, Theo pulls his Father’s stopwatch out to sigh – you were right Dad, nothing comes easy. When Jack calls, Theo pretends to check his schedule. Finding himself free, he agrees to meet his new Uncle at Society.

Billy tries but fails to bend Vikki over her desk. She has a meeting to get to but will make it up to him tonight. He hopes he’s still in the mood. You lucked out this time old man, he points a finger at Victor’s portrait as he leaves.

Theo’s a reminder of a time Kyle wants to forget; a reminder of the guy he was in NY. He tried to drag me back in time and succeeded in planting seeds of doubt in your mind, he whines to Lola. He just can’t be happy about Theo being part of the Abbott family. Claiming she understands, Lola’s expression as she hugs him indicates otherwise.

At Society, Theo addresses the Kyle-ephant in the room at last night’s gathering. The Abbott’s fight with each other and for each other, Jack proclaims. You worry I’m a threat to the family, Theo deduces.

The real estate division increased profits by 10% this month, Nikki knows she doesn’t have Vikki’s full attention – what’s wrong? Sorry, Vikki’s distracted – Billy stopped by. And? Nikki again offers discretion. Billy’s pissed that Kay didn’t leave the bulk of her estate to Devon, she left it to Cane (news that seems to have triggered Billy’s inner rage)

In their shared office, Billy offers Kyle his sympathies – he doesn’t have a good feeling about Theo. Could he have targetted you years ago in NY? This is all quite coincidental. Kyle doubts it – Theo wouldn’t know if Jack and Traci hadn’t found out the truth. Self admittedly a sceptic, Billy thinks Kyle’d be smart to keep his guard up.