Thursday, November 7th, 2019

Elena runs downstairs as soon as Devon comes home. He’ll tell her all about Tucker – but first … ~kiss~

Cane’s on his phone at Society discussing investing his ‘huge windfall’. His lawyer is Amanda Sinclair. You’re not wasting any time, are you? Nate arrives to scowl.

In her suite, Amanda’s on the phone as she monitors a car she’s tracking via GPS (on her laptop). She’s so relieved she won’t have to call in every day for ‘his location’.

Arriving at CL’s, Theo’s surprised that Adam Newman knows who he (and his grandmother) is. Adam makes it a point to know who all the new players in town are.

Looking for someone? Simon startles Chelsea in the hotel lobby – are we ready to clear up that financial issue? Those ‘federal agents’ put on a convincing performance but he’s no idiot – now, pay up and I’ll leave you and your charming son alone. What will I have to do to prove I’m serious? You don’t know what I’m capable of, Chelsea’s equally confident.

Seated with Cane, Nate thinks Devon got screwed – be more sensitive to him. He’s lost a lot. Cane wasn’t flaunting cash around – he was having a private conversation about money bequeathed to him. Tucker messed with his own Mother’s last wishes. Cane’s not that surprised – he knows family’s not above stooping low when there’s money involved.

Back at CL’s, Adam’s interested in Theo now that he’s related to the Abbott’s. He knows what it’s like to find out late in life that he’s part of a powerful family. Jack’s a friend so tread lightly. Don’t take advantage, he warns.

Simon finds the Mama-bear act adorable, just like your son. We know who’s in control here. My threats aren’t empty words – Connor’s at Walnut Grove right now; oblivious to what his Mother’s got herself into. Push me and I’ll do the unthinkable. Is his life worth any amount of money? Now alone, a shaken Chelsea calls Adam.

Cuddled beneath a banket, seated on the floor, Devon and Elena are so in love they wish they could freeze time. So, what happened with Tucker? Elena asks.

Cane tells Nate the story of how he and Kay became close. As a favour to his friend Chance, he assumed his identity; Philip Chancellor III wanted to stay dead. Jill and Kay believed the baby-mix-up-at-the-hospital story and for once, Cane felt loved. When they found out the truth, they forgave me. Cane finally convinces Nate that he’ll do good things with the money, he won’t disappoint anyone (including Devon) Shaking Cane’s hand, Nate’s glad they had this talk.

Adam lets Chelsea in. Anxious about Connor, she’d glad to hear he had a good night and morning. He needs both of us, Adam believes the three of them are making progress. Chelsea has an idea – take Connor out of town for a few days; just the two of you. Adam thinks that sounds great – but what’s really going on?

On the CL’s patio, Theo holds his stopwatch and the adoption papers – can you believe this Dad? That’s some story, Eric Vanderway appears looking just like a union rep might.

Letting Cane into her suite, Amanda’s glad to hear that Lily’s gotten over the shock of seeing her face. And don’t thank me – Chance is the one that discovered the original will pages. No, she doesn’t expect to see her client (and is relieved about that) At the end of the day justice is done; Kay’s wishes are being respected and Cane’s a rich man. He wants to secure his kids’ futures. There’s a slight problem with the paperwork, Adamda then admits.

The biopsy on Jett’s vocal cords came back negative. Anna’s taken him to Arizona to recover; he’s not a young man anymore, Elena worries he’ll push himself too hard. He’s a warrior, we’ll take care of him, Devon promises. Yes, you have told me you loved me today (and showed me ~kiss~) Now, your turn – what happened with Tucker? she asks. Devon doesn’t know where to begin. He wasn’t prepared for what he found.

You read too much into things, Chelsea claims she doesn’t have an ulterior motive. She’s just taking herself out of the equation so Father and son can bond on a road trip. She even has a destination in mind that’ll make Adam want to pack his bags.