Friday, November 8th, 2019

Nick enters TGP ending a call with Jack. He’d rather speak from the heart than rehearsed talking points – see you at the debate. How’s the candidate doing? Nikki chides him for not telling his Father that he’s running for city council.

Connor in the games room, Adam’s at the ranch to ask a favour of Victor – he wants to take his son to the farm (which Victor now owns) I’d like to show my son where I grew up – get a sense of who his grandmother (Hope) was. Victor’s surprised to hear that Chelsea would allow Adam to take Connor out of state – never mind that it was her idea.

Why are you so obsessed with that handsome guest Mr Black? What’s going on between you two? Abby notes that Chelsea’s been acting weird since he checked in. What’s Nick doing here!? Chelsea’s alarmed. Meeting his Mom – at a place his girlfriend and sister own? Do you have a problem with that?

What the hell’s going on!? Cane wants to know – we’ve been looking for you for months. Accusing Cane of running a scam, Chance didn’t hire Amanda Sinclair to contest Kay’s will – he’s never met the woman. You screwed Devon out of 2.5 billion dollars. Oh no? You’re in the hotel room of a woman who made you a billionaire – explain that to me.

Chance DID talk to Jill – she wasn’t very chatty (which means she’s up to something) Cane explains that Devon got a letter from Amanda Sinclair – she said YOU were challenging the will and would provide original pages of Kay’s will. YOU didn’t return our calls. I’ve been busy, Chance is vague. Cane continues – he was knocked out and woke up in a room with those pages of the will. There was also a letter from you saying you were undercover. The pages were authenticated. Adding that Jill’s gone to see if Collin’s involved, Cane wonders why the hell Chance didn’t come forward months ago.

Chelsea’s just been a little stressed lately. No, there’s nothing Abby can do. Chelsea then declines going over to say hello to Nick – she has a meeting across town – plus, it looks like he’s busy with his Mom. No, Chelsea has no message for Abby to pass on to Mr Black, she’ll see him later. Abby’s left puzzled.

** Sorry for the delay. I had an unexpected trip to the emergency room. Seems the plate in my wrist is poking out and might need to be removed. Just a reminder – hoverboards are dangerous **

Dad probably knew I was running before I did, Nick denies he’s avoiding his Father – he’s busy running a campaign. Nikki persists until Nick agrees to talk to Victor – but he won’t defend his decision or beg for his vote.

Adam claims that he and Chelsea have put their issues aside to help Connor with his. Good parents do what’s best for their children. Victor thinks going to the farm would be good for Connor (who runs in eager to see the farm where his Dad grew up) Told where to find a big Elm tree Victor carved his initials into, Connor plans to add his and his Dad’s initials.

Still at the ranch, Adam tells Connor that Mom can’t come to the farm but we can video chat with her. Please, Dad. We’ll stop by the hotel but no promises, Adam agrees. Victor then presents his grandson with the knife he used to carve his initials into the tree. Adam stands to leave – we have one more stop to make before heading out on our road trip.

Nikki asks Nick to be grateful that Victor’s still with us – go easy on him. Go easy on him? Nick scoffs. When Abby comes over, Nick expresses how much he needs Chelsea to make it to the debate. Nothing could stop her, Abby forces a smile. Simon Black strolls into TGP.

Chance doesn’t owe Cane anything. No, but you owe Jill some answers, Canes told that Chance is focussed on solving a case. He gets a text that’ll put an end to his ‘mission’.

A nervous Chelsea looks at her phone – debating whether to call Anita or not.