Monday, November 11th, 2019

Her offer of ‘all the money in the safe’ declined, Abby suggests Simon negotiate with the one he came here for; Chelsea. Mommy’s right – everything will be just fine IF I get everything I want, Simon sneers at a terrified Connor – as Adam struggles to restrain himself.

Are you locking us in or the bad guys out? Phyllis asks as Chance locks the door (to her suite) behind them. No, he didn’t hire Amanda Sinclair and no, he won’t share his theory. Is there a button to push to make you stop talking? Chance then answers a call – his agent is no longer inside – I need to see the lobby now. Wow! they watch the situation downstairs.

Ordering the hotel on lockdown, Simon follows Abby to the computer at the registration desk/bar. Adam and Chelsea lock eyes above Connor’s head.

At CL’s, Nick and Jack go over the debate. The tent will fit 200 people – you’ll be mic’d – show off your good side, Jack’s enjoying being involved in politics again – we make a good team. Nick keeps looking at the door to see if Chelsea’s arrived yet.

Let everyone go, Abby appeals to Simon. Aside, Chelsea talks Adam out of overpowering their armed captor. Yes, she does have a better idea – let me handle it.

What’s going on over here? Simon growls at Chelsea. She’s reassuring our child – Adam’s warned not to bark orders. Keep the boy in line. Vowing to protect her son, Chelsea distracts Connor with talk about a theme park they visited recently.

Cane returns to Amanda’s suite to report that the elevator’s not working – the doors to the stairwells are locked. She’s so anxious that Cane has to ask – where were you locked up and who put you there?

Four hostages being held at gunpoint, Chance counts as they watch a live feed of the lobby. We have to do something, Phyllis informs that Adam’s already been shot this year and his son’s been through too much. We need to call for backup, Chance decides.

Back at CL’s, Jack’s sure Chelsea will be there soon. He then quizzes Nick on his opponent and some of the issues he’ll be asked about. Nick would feel more confident with Chelsea at his side. Just be yourself, Jack encourages.

Chelsea offers to wire Simon a million dollars – she wouldn’t double-cross him. Just let me call the bank. Simon won’t let his leverage (Connor) walk out the door and scoffs at the idea of taking Chelsea’s word that she’ll pay up. When Simon confiscates her cell phone and Adam’s, Abby hides hers and claims she left it on the office. Soon after she hits the silent button.

Chance asks what that loud beep is. That’s the hotel’s panic button, Phyllis explains – Abby’s not as inept as I thought. Maybe she still has her phone. I got your message, she types to her ‘bestie’ – happy hour sounds great. Love ya (she’ll know something’s up for sure) Chance is then given the hotel’s schematics.

Chugalugging straight booze from the mini-fridge, Amanda does NOT want to talk. OK, Cane smirks in amusement as she opens another tiny bottle.

I’m ready – let’s do this, Nick stands. But before he and Jack can get to the door, Paul bursts in with the whole force behind him – there’s an active situation at TGP. Abby and Chelsea are there, Nick squawks. It’s a hostage situation, Rey tells him as Paul calls Chance from the patio – we’ll get you whatever you need. After Nick leaves Chelsea a message, Rey tells him that she, Adam, Connor and Abby are being held against their will.

Are you working with him?! Abby yelps at Chelsea – you’ve been fixated on him for days. Of course not, Chelsea snaps. Abby then answers the phone. It’s for you – the Chief of Police, she hands it over to Simon.

Paul’s trying to keep Simon talking, Chance can see. He wonders who can help them down there. By process of elimination, they text Abby’s phone again. Tell her we can see her from upstairs and we have a plan – if she’s willing to help. Reading the text, Abby looks at the camera and nods.

From his command base on the CL’s patio, Paul’s put on speakerphone at TGP. A calm surrender would go a long way in cutting a deal. Simon’s not going that easy – c’mere son, he grabs Connor. No, take me, Adam steps in front of Simon’s gun. Do not make me do this, Simon now has Connor in one hand, the phone in the other – I want 5 million dollars and a private jet (for me and my little buddy)

Nick vows never to doubt Chelsea again and just hopes he gets the chance to tell her that.

This is all about Calvin’s money, Chelsea confesses to Adam. He understands how hard it is to tell the truth all the time. I’ll get you and Connor out of here no matter what it takes. Simon orders Paul to get the money or this little boy’s the first to die.

Given the elevator override key, Chance talks down to Phyllis like she’s 5. Watch the lobby – don’t call me – don’t leave this room – I’ll call you when I need you. Do you understand me? Don’t do anything brave or stupid, he warns as he leaves.