Friday, November 22nd, 2019

Good morning, Jack comes downstairs. Yes, it is a very good morning indeed – Traci has two surprises for him – Ashley’s coming for the holidays – and our family memoir is finished. Given the hefty stack of paperwork, Jack would be honoured to proofread it and will give Traci his review when she gets back from the airport (to get Ashley) Now alone, Jack’s in tears by the time he finished reading the preface.

Reading about his wonderful Father, Jack has a flashback of John saying ‘the day I have to worry about you is the day they put me six feet under’ – then Dina pestering Jack to pester Traci tp pester John – Dina wants to be Mrs John Abbott again (and a mother to her kids) Flashback to Jill crowing to Jack that they’ll be spending the holidays together. I’m moving in, thanks to you motivating me, she boasts to her ‘son’.

The memoir then talks about losing John – flashback to Jack at his Father’s bedside, promising to take care of the family. Then a flashback to Dina – I’m aware that my memory will come and go – when I become difficult to handle, I love you – now – and always. You’ll always be part of us, part of me, Jack sniffles at framed photos.

More flashbacks as Jack reads aloud to Ashley, Billy and Traci; sharing truths and tears. Thus our story will live on – not only in these pages but in our traditions, our memories, our hearts. Traci’s praised by her weepy siblings. Let’s celebrate. Jack has something to do first.

Abby and Kyle now at the house, Dina down to join the family gathering, Jack recognizes the accomplishment this book is. Working as her researcher was a humbling experience. All now applaud Jack – who chokes up as he expresses how much he’s learned from it. Grab a glass – to us – to all the Abbott’s – to us – cheers, all clink glasses.