Tuesday, November 26th, 2019

Chelsea’s reading an ‘I miss you Mom’ card Connor made for her when Nick comes down packed for his night away. Despite Chelsea’s protests, he sits to open a package delivered from an office supply place. He can’t wait to open the gift Chelsea got him.

Another nightmare? Adam hugs Connor. Dreams are scary but they aren’t real – talking makes them less scary. That’s what Mom said too – can she come over? Connor pleads.

At CL’s, Billy tells Vikki that he has to get to an appointment with his therapist. She’s so enamoured with his ripped body and their antics last night that she’s unconcerned about Billy being unemployed.

As Lola tops up his coffee, Theo denies he’s nervous about his ‘first day of school’. Running Jabot’s social media is right in his wheelhouse; a piece of cake. It’s OK to admit this is a big deal, she coerces. Theo agrees – this is the big league and all his bosses are family. You’ll crush it, Lola reassures. Good luck. Of course, she won’t mention this little pep talk to anyone.

Kyle arrives at Jabot with a surprise. ‘Summer Newman – vice president of marketing’, she’s delighted with her new business cards. You’ve earned it, Kyle’s proud of her. He then pulls his own card out. Chief Operating Officer – doesn’t have the pop he was hoping for. Don’t sulk that your Dad’s returning as CEO – Summer’s then happy to hear that Kyle intends to keep an open mind about Theo joining the company.

Let’s show your Mom that we can do this – we’re a team, Adam gets Connor to describe his nightmare. Why is this happening to me Dad? Adam doesn’t know but we’ll work this out. Sharon can help. Yes, Connor likes her – but wants his Mom (and for his tummy to stop hurting)

You clean up good for the corporate world, Summer greets Theo at the elevator and squelches his jokes with a warning that Jabot is a place of business. Follow the rules. Theo’s confident that the only thing Uncle Jack will regret is not hiring him sooner. He’ll prove all the doubters wrong. What doubters? Kyle appears to ask. Welcoming Theo with a handshake, Kyle reminds that he’s one of Theo’s bosses.

Chelsea apologizes when Nick opens his gift; a desk plate; ‘Nick Newman, Councilman’. She ordered it before he dropped out. It’s OK, a sweet gesture, Nick never doubted Chelsea’s support. She wishes she’d been honest with him – I thought I was protecting you. Nick’s looking forward to the conference on affordable housing. Chelsea’s going to TGP to try repair her relationship with Abby. It’s good to talk things out, Nick agrees. Chelsea has other things in mind before his flight leaves. Unfortunately, Adam’s call interrupts. No, everything’s not OK.

Theo knows he answers to a lot of people and has a lot to learn. Kyle’s seen this sucking up act before. Theo wants to step up and be an asset – people change (like you) One thing Theo knows is social media. Nice pitch, Kyle smirks – let’s go meet your new team.

Billy has no regrets about leaving his job at Jabot. And no, it has nothing to do with Kyle. Billy realizes his therapist was right – I was a screw up long before Delia died. There’s something else out there and I have the tools to find it. It sounds like you’re looking for a quick fix and that doesn’t exist, the therapist warns.

In the CEO’s office, Theo rallies his team as Kyle and Summer watch on (one rolling his eyes, the other smiling) A goal is a dream with a deadline – let’s make it happen. As the team files out, Summer praises Theo. Kyle’s feedback is forced and once he’s alone, a quick search online confirms his suspicion that Theo copied his motivational speech.