Tuesday, November 26th, 2019

Billy’s not looking for a quick fix – he turned a corner. The therapist has one question – think carefully before responding – do you like yourself?

Adam tells Chelsea about Connor’s nightmare – the doctor’s on his way over. Clearing it with Nick, Chelsea needs to go to the penthouse (and will pack a bag since he’s going out of town anyway) Do what you have to do, Nick doesn’t look happy when Chelsea tells Adam she’ll be right over – as she goes to pack a bag.

You think I have low self-esteem? Billy hadn’t thought of that. The therapist lists ways people undermine themselves because they think they’re unworthy. Billy could make a long list of his indiscretions – but he how has a great thing going with Vikki and the kids and won’t mess that up. You thought that of past relationships, the therapist reminds. The pattern won’t change until you figure out the root clause. Do you like yourself? Billy admits that he doesn’t feel he’s worth it.

At CL’s, Vikki assures Nick that she and Billy are in a good place. He confides that he and Chelsea are struggling – but we’ll get through this, just like you and Billy did.

Connor’s stomach ache is cured as soon as his Mom arrives at the penthouse. The doctor told him to drink lots of water – so go get some. Physically, Connor’s fine but the nightmares are getting worse, Adam confides. Me leaving town and Simon Black have terrified him. We both have reason to feel guilty, Adam feels they should consult with a child psychologist; Sharon. There was one other thing – the doctor said the most important thing for Connor is to have his two parents united.

Summer returns to update Kyle that Theo’s meeting with his staff. They took to him right away. He has charisma, Kyle admits – but the speech lacked direction. ‘There are no bad ideas’ – really? he scoffs at Theo’s cliches – he’s smoke and mirrors. Instead of showing Summer what he found online, Kyle offers a cliche of his own – if he succeeds, we succeed.

Back at CL’s, Vikki looks forward to a Thanksgiving of love and healing. But when Nick confides that Chelsea’s spending the night at Adam’s, she doesn’t approve of him being so understanding. Here’s to love and healing, an optimistic Vikki leaves.

Adam tells Chelsea that he doesn’t have an agenda – he respects her relationship with Nick. Connor feels better and now wants to hang out with his Mom. Adam’s sure she has to go now. No, Chelsea’d like to stay for a few days. Please stay! Connor pleads as he clings to his Mom.

What a nice surprise, Lola’s pleased to see Kyle at Society. How’d Theo do? He obviously wanted to make a splash. He did OK, Kyle frowns after Lola kisses him quickly and heads to the kitchen to make him a sandwich.

Theo’s so pumped – the team ate up everything I said, right? This is so great, he gives Summer a hug she’s not comfortable with.

Billy brings Vikki a hot dog, chilli fries and a single red rose. She’s happy to hear that he still feels leaving Jabot was the right move. Their kiss is interrupted by Vikki’s conference call. As he leaves, Billy looks troubled – and further cast adrift when the receptionist enters the office and closes the door.

Chelsea’s at the penthouse to help – but it won’t all be fun and games, she cautions Connor. Yes, Nick’s OK with it – Connor comes first, she adds. Monsters can’t get me if we’re all together, right? Connor chirps brightly.

A troubled Nick is at CL’s as Adam and Chelsea settle in to focus on Connor.