Wednesday, November 27th, 2019

At the penthouse, Elena suggests letting the authorities handle it – Collin’s been arrested and Tucker didn’t alter Kay’s will. Devon still wants answers – whether he likes them or not. Arriving with Chance, Amanda can’t wait to hear the latest developments. Who are we missing? The man who caused this, Devon greets Cane.

Across the hall, Chelsea and Adam are happy to hear that Connor’s monster isn’t chasing him anymore – then alarmed that the monster is inside him – trying to eat him up.

As Chelsea sits with Connor on the sofa, Adam’s glad when Sharon answers her phone – I need you.

Outside the CEO’s office, Theo asks his team to bring him fresh ideas tomorrow at 9 am. Now, how about a reward? An early happy hour with the boss? Summer and Kyle observe from the sidelines.

Phyllis updates Abby that Roz and Sherry can’t even describe their missing jewellery. Abby’s busy – go be head of security – I’ll do everything else (since Chelsea’s not around) Asked why her super security system didn’t prevent this robbery, Phyllis wonders exactly what she’s being accused of.

Sharon’s at the penthouse to hear that Connor has a tummy ache and a monster inside him – the doctor thinks they’re connected. And that’s why we called you. Sharon will talk to Connor – alone.

Kyle and Summer continue to watch Theo. Instead of booze, he decides to inspire his team with a game of laser tag. See you in 30 – bring ideas for a custom Jabot emoji. As the crowd disperses, Summer thinks the emoji a great idea. Yeah, that’s why Kyle doubts Theo came up with it.

Chance stuns Amanda with the news that Collin was the one who posed as him to hire her. He confessed that Tucker and David Sherman never changed Kay’s will – they never even met. Simon Black flipped on Atkinson. He hid the money. Chance has to go – he’ll call Devon when Collin’s back in the US. Tell us why you shouldn’t be locked up with your lying, thieving Father? Devon snarls at Cane.

Abby may not know a server link from a sausage link but she knows Phyllis is incompetent. Ann Boleyn and Cleopatra up there probably didn’t even get robbed, Phyllis thinks the whole thing sketchy. No, she won’t let Abby buy her out. The guests here love me. Exchanging insults, Abby huffs off but watches Phyllis tease Chance about Adam/Vegas. Chelsea arrives to help Abby do damage control. Let’s hope there’s not another crisis on the horizon.

Back at the penthouse, Connor confides in Sharon that he doesn’t feel safe from monsters. Looking worried, she vows to keep him safe.

Cane swears that he’s innocent – his Father will say anything to save himself. Devon has another theory – you blame me for your marriage falling apart and this is payback. Cane would never desecrate Kay’s memory. Amanda reminds that the will pages were authenticated. By someone Jill hired, Elena adds. Devon’s angry that Kay’s legacy is in the hands of the last person she’d choose.

Denying that she’s bluffing, Phyllis claims to know all about Chance’s connection to Adam and what happened in Vegas. You’re worried – and that’s why you’re here trying to help Abby prove that I’m up to something with the security system. Chance is just doing a favour for a friend – if Phyllis is up to something, he and his agency friends will find out.

Summer follows Kyle into his office to complain that he always thinks the worst of Theo. He’s working his butt off and doing a good job. Listing the people Theo’s used (including Summer) Kyle thinks him all flash, no substance. Sorry to interrupt, Theo would like Kyle’s input on the new emoji ideas. I want to live up to your expectations.