Wednesday, November 27th, 2019

Cane may have been a lousy husband but he’s not guilty of what Devon’s accusing him of. You’ve been conning people since you first came to town, Devon scoffs when Cane plays the victim card. Losing Lily has changed me, Cane lives with that every day and wouldn’t steal Devon’s money. Elena thinks it most important that Devon now knows that Kay chose him to continue her legacy. When Amanda announces her departure, Devon wonders if she’s off to get her cut.

Abby and Chelsea are whining about Phyllis and her stupid security system when Sharon summons Chelsea home. Abby’s left to take a call – what?! Another room was robbed!?

Agent Chancellor, Adam greets Chance at Society’s bar. What happened in Vegas was a game-changer. I owe you, Chance thanks him. We helped each other out, Adam replies.

Adam declines Chance’s offer to buy him a drink. He’d rather forget what happened in Nevada and focus on his son. Chance is sorry he got caught up in what happened the other night. Adam then gets a message from Chelsea – Sharon wants us to come home. On his way out, Adam repeats his desire to keep what happened in the desert buried where it belongs.

Amanda had nothing to do with this scam – I’m a victim too. Devon disagrees – you profited. Amanda never met Collin; she came to GC with good intentions. Look in the mirror! Elena thinks that if Amanda had a decent bone in her body, she’d have left town as soon as she realized she was causing Devon pain.

At the front desk, Abby tells Phyllis that there’s been another robbery. We need to call the police.

Chelsea and Adam come home to hear Sharon’s assessment that Connor’s suffering from PTSD. Recommending intense therapy and maybe medication, she’ll get back to them with more info. What are we gonna do? Chelsea’s left overwhelmed. Adam thinks they need to take things a step further. Are you suggesting we put our son in a mental hospital!? she’s horrified.

Kyle drops by Society’s kitchen to whine to Lola about Theo. If he hurts my family’s company I’m going to make him pay.

Back at Jabot, Summer keeps things professional with Theo and asks what management tools he plans to implement. You want to know if I’m taking this job seriously, Theo guesses.

Adam’s trying to do what’s best for Connor – we have to DO something. He needs to feel safe and loved, Chelsea won’t lock her son away. You need to move in, Adam declares.

Amanda tells Elena to back off. Don’t blame me for your boyfriend’s willingness to hand off his fortune. Cane points out that he would have taken off with the money if he was guilty. When Elena boasts about telling Nate to stay away from Amanda, she accuses her of being insecure in her relationship – or maybe you’re a gold digger. Enough – Cane feels that if they continue to attack one another Collin’s the only one who wins.

Lola asks Kyle to give Theo a chance. If he’s not up to the job, everyone at Jabot will know soon enough. Giving Lola a kiss goodbye, Kyle gives Theo a month before he crashes and burns.

Updating Summer on his social media ideas, Theo wonders why she’s surprised that they’re good. Who’s doubting me here? My boss or my girlfriend?

Sipping a drink at the bar, Phyllis frowns at her laptop – two robberies in one week is weird. Chance arrives to chat with Abby – who asks him to quietly investigate the robberies. Thanks – you’re my hero, she gushes.

Collin’s done enough damage – including sullying Kay’s memory. So, in the spirit of the coming holiday, Cane vows to track down the missing money and give it to who Kay wanted it to go to.

Hearing Abby out, Chance excuses himself to take a call from Collin (still in the Maldives) How did you get access to a phone?! Chance is frustrated when Collin brags about being on the lamb. gotta go. I’ve got a plane to catch, he hangs up.

Adam wants Chelsea to move in with them until Connor’s feeling better. We must show him that his needs come first – that we’re a team. No, Nick won’t like it but who comes first? Nick or your son?