Thursday, November 28th, 2019

Summer smiles at her phone; Happy Thanksgiving wishes from Theo (who she’s spending the holiday with) They won’t be attending the Newman gathering – Theo’s going through enough family drama with the Abbotts) Nick’s confident there won’t be any drama because Adam won’t be there. The guilt trip works – Summer will stop by the ranch for a few minutes – then it’s off to spend the day with friends. Chelsea’s been spending a lot of time at Adam’s – are she and Connor meeting you at the ranch?

Chelsea’s trying to convince Adam that Connor should go to the Newman family Thanksgiving. It has nothing to do with Nick – Connor has grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles who love him. You and I didn’t have that – I’m determined our son will.

Rey brings in casseroles from Ester, Kevin and Chloe. Feeding the homeless will distract Sharon from the fact that none of her kids will be around today. Surprise – Mariah’s delayed her plans to help out ~hug~

No time for spellcheck and other nonsense today. Happy Thanksgiving US readers!!!

Two turkeys, one ham, tons of stuffing and desserts aplenty – we’ll have leftovers for days, Nikki finishes her sweets table. Victor lists everyone who’s coming over; Abby’s stopping by before going to the Abbotts. Hopefully, Nick brings Chelsea (and especially Connor)

Helping Summer into her coat, Nick knows Chelsea’s doing what’s best for her son. The manipulative Adam’s not above using Connor but Nick won’t let him get away with it.

As Sharon, Rey and volunteers serve the homeless, Elena and Nate drop by on their break to chat with Mariah. You’re taking a break from volunteering to volunteer here? How are you still single? Mariah and Elena tease Nate – you’re seeing someone; definitely holding out on us. Amanda arrives to watch.

Vikki and Billy are the first to arrive – the kids are at the stables with Hannah – we likely won’t see them for dinner. Victor takes a few jabs at Billy for his early retirement. Nikki thinks it great that he has more time to spend with the kids. As Victor gets drinks and Nikki goes to check on dinner, Vikki apologizes for her Dad. Billy won’t begrudge Victor his favourite pastime. He’s probably got Adam on his mind. Nick then arrives with Chelsea – the boys are with Katie and Johnny in the stables.