Monday, December 2nd, 2019

No apology necessary; Vikki understands that Rey was just doing his job. Finally taking off her shoe to use as a tool, they high five when the door finally unlocks.

Billy’s taken many wrong turns in his life. Tell me about it, Amanda can relate. No, we don’t know each other very well – so we have no expectations or demands, Billy comments. Looks like we came to the right place, Amanda clearly agrees.

Billy finds this strange – no, not talking to a stranger in the dark – the truth-telling is new for him. No truth is worse than a lie, Amanda repeats the words of a teacher she wishes she’d listened to. Billy gets it – he feels as if he’s acting in a play – doing things he’s told to; even if it doesn’t make him happy. What does make him happy? He’s not sure.

Now it’s Nick’s turn to analyze Phyllis. You love late-night snacks, killer dresses and insults. You can be a stone-cold bitch – but deep down you crave love, family and respect. You’re a serious gamer; a fighter. How’m I doing? Phyllis is near tears – there’s comfort in someone knowing her so well. She’s endured the unimaginable at the hands of men, like your Father. What I have is all mine.

Chelsea’s scared; a new feeling for her. Our little boy’s in so much pain. We’re stuck – Connor’s getting worse. Maybe I’m the problem – Adam confesses that he’s done nothing but create chaos. I was driven by anger and resentment. What if I’m the monster Connor’s afraid of?

Chelsea doesn’t believe that Adam’s a monster and neither does Connor. You went from a bitter man to a loving Father; a much better Father than Victor. Your son adores you. You’re not the monster within – you’re the hero trying to save him. Chelsea also wonders what might have been – both credit Connor with saving them and want to give him the best life possible.

Nick had almost forgotten that part – that Phyllis needs recognition and respect. Being in a constant fight is very tiring, she admits. Both are glad they didn’t alienate each other. Do you ever think of us? Together? Sometimes, Nick confesses. Was it exhausting being married to me? Not all the time – it was fierce, intense – special. It was, Phyllis agrees – like a comet hurtling through the sky. Here we are after all these years. Here we are. When Nick’s the first to walk away, Phyllis is left at the window looking lovestruck and lonely.

Drink in hand, Vikki now sees that Rey’s kind of funny. He could say the same about her – she’s buena – Spanish for cool.

Closing in on Nick from behind, Phyllis is about to lay her hands on his shoulders when the lights come back on. She shakes her head and looks horrified.

Amanda thinks it time to go. Billy puts his coat on too – look me up next time you want to ride out a storm. I might just do that, she exits.

Vikki types out a text to Billy. Just got home. Are you still with Jack? Let me know you’re OK, she hits send.

Phyllis makes jokes as she puts her coat on. Yes, she does have to take off. She’s already wasted enough time. Nick enjoyed their walk down memory lane. So did Phyllis – good night, she hurries out.

Adam sits to watch Chelsea sleeping on the sofa – gently running a hand across her cheek.

Vikki welcomes Billy home. Hugging her, he says he’s glad to be home (but doesn’t look it)