Tuesday, December 3rd, 2019

Amanda’s not sure she believes that Nate’s happy to see her at Society – you’re always catching flack for talking to me. She’s sorry to be an issue between him and Devon/Elena. Inviting her to sit, Nate understands why Devon’s upset – the money he planned to do good things with is in the hands of grifters. Elena’s very loyal. Amanda suspects there’s more to it but won’t elaborate.

You’re up early, Vikki comes down to tell Billy that she got locked in her office last night. He was out for a drink. No need to explain – Vikki’s just glad Billy got home safely. The voice in his head wonders why he didn’t tell her everything.

Ready for work, Elena wonders how long Devon’s been up. Since three – he’s been dealing with Tucker’s business crisis. Stress on top of stress, Elena disapproves. Feeling bad that he doubted Tucker, Devon feels obligated to protect his reputation.

Theo’s summoned Summer to CL’s to announce that he’s decided to move out of his hotel; get something more permanent. Summer’s alarmed – you’re not thinking of us moving in together, are you?

No, Theo’s not thinking of moving in together – but Summer can keep some of her things at his place. Maybe we should talk about it. Summer thinks they spend enough time together – how will we miss each other if we’re together 24/7. See you at the office – we’ll go for lunch, she hurries out.

At Society, Amanda tells Nate that she had a great sleep last night. He wasn’t able to sleep – thinking the storm might cause injuries and he’d be called in to operate. We’re both Type A’s, they agree and as Nate leaves, they wish each other a serene, uneventful day.

Billy’s talking in his head – why does he feel guilty about his time with Amanda last night? There’s nothing to confess to. On cue, Vikki comes out to say goodbye as she heads off for work. I’ll try not to be too late ~kiss~ Billy’s left looking intense.

Despite being up all night, Devon’s still going to work (listing all he has to do) Cane emailed to offer him the money he put in trust for the twins (which he won’t accept) Elena worries – have your PI’s look for Collin – and Tucker’s board can hire someone to run things. She misses the time they spend together and leaves looking sad.

Vikki drops by TGP to sympathize about yet another crisis at the hotel. Abby blames Phyllis and admits that she wanted to prove to their Dad that she can run a successful business. Vikki’s optimistic she’ll break this streak of bad luck. Abby wishes she could learn to trust her own instincts (she knew Simon Black was bad news)

The to-do list on Billy’s laptop has only two chores – pick the kids up at four and call Jack re: dinner. He types a third – figure out who I am and what I want to do with my life. Deleting the entry, Billy shuts the laptop, grabs his jacket and exits.

Devon’s still at home, on his phone with Cane. Both are determined to find Collin. Thanks for keeping me posted, Devon hangs up and looks exhausted as he sinks into the sofa.

Elena chats with Nate at CL’s – GCM wasn’t busy last night; people stayed off the roads due to the storm. Invited to sit, she wasn’t sure Nate would want to talk to her. You aren’t Amanda’s friend – you’re her client, she reminds coldly. She’s a good person, Nate defends – she’s sorry for calling you a gold digger. He wonders why Elena’s more pissed off at Amanda than Cane.

Back at TGP, Vikki can relate to Abby – basically, she too has Daddy issues; thought she wasn’t ruthless enough for the job she deserved. She believes Abby’s gifted in the hospitality industry. You’ve persevered through every crisis – a true survivor. Abby hugs her sister – that’s exactly what I needed to hear right now.

Amanda and Billy seem thrilled to run into each other at Society.