Monday, December 2nd, 2019

Billy’s phone beeps to signal a severe weather warning; high winds. Guess we’re both sticking around (the seedy bar) Invited to take a seat, she apologizes and thanks him for fending off the drunk guy. Two Scotches, neat – make one a double, Billy orders. Make them both a double – there’s a chill in the air, Amanda adds. Here’s to keeping warm on a cold night, Billy empties his glass as Amanda looks enamoured.

After Vikki hangs up from reserving the Newman jet for Christmas Eve, Rey stops by her office to update on the Newman warehouse theft. They’ve arrested a manager – all stock has been returned. It’s pretty nasty out there and expected to get worse. On cue, the power goes out. What’s happening? Vikki jumps up to gasp.

The bar in darkness, Amanda takes a sip of her drink – this is not good. Billy takes a drink too.

Where’s Chelsea? Phyllis barges into Nick’s on ‘personal business’ (which she immediately spills) I won’t let your snooty sister and con artist girlfriend oust me – you got that!?? Nick reports that Chelsea’s at Adam’s. She might as well move in there, Phyllis barks – oops – sorry.

As the wind howls outside, Chelsea comes home to pour herself a glass of wine. No, Nick isn’t happy about me staying here but he supports me. That sonofabitch really thinks I’d use my son’s situation to get you into bed – wow, Adam’s indignant. Upstairs, Connor cries out when the power goes out – Mom, Dad – what’s happening?!

This really caps off a perfect day, Phyllis grins in the dark as she pours herself a drink behind Nick’s bar.

Christian sleeps through anything, Nick comes down to tell Phyllis. She teases him about not wanting to be rich and scolds him for being so judgmental of her. Go back to your miserable evening – I’ll show myself out. Nick doesn’t think that a good idea – hang out til the power comes back on, he invites.

Adam and Chelsea try to coax Connor into turning the power-out into a camping adventure. But he doesn’t want to hear Adam’s tone-deaf rendition of Home, Home on the Range. The monster’s here, he worries. You guys should be afraid too.

Looks like it’s going to be a while – we should leave before it gets worse, Amanda suggests without conviction. Billy thinks hunkering down to ride out the storm a better idea. Chill out and let nature run its course. Cheers to nature, Amanda clinks his glass. Hinting about past troubles with men, she thinks Billy seems lost. Is that what you meant by ‘taking a wrong turn’?

Vikki and Rey are locked in her office. Working on picking the lock, he tells the story of taking an AC unit apart as a kid in Miami. The key is to focus, stay calm and don’t panic. He’s sorry for wrongfully arresting her for tampering with Victor’s medication.

Playing a game on their phones, Nick has to ask Phyllis – do you really think I’m always judging you?

Connor finally asleep, Chelsea and Adam are back downstairs to gush about watching him sleeping as a baby. How did we get here? Adam’s on the verge of tears over the situation they’re now in.

Everyone judges me, Phyllis whines. She’s glad they’re friends and thinks Nick too good and kind to be in politics. And forgiving – except when it comes to me. Jumping up to get some salted cashews, Phyllisshe talks about Mr Charming’s smile melting a million hearts – but there’s a lot more going on – you’re slow to get angry but have a bad temper. Your jokes aren’t funny. She also knows Nick’s secret – he’s always wanted to be in baseball.