Tuesday, December 3rd, 2019

At the check-in desk, Abby’s updated that Vikki’s life as a CEO is hectic – yes, she loves it but wishes she had more time to spend with Billy. We used to play hooky and do crazy stuff. Vikki can’t remember the last time they went out for a drink. Carve out some time for just the two of you, Abby advises – tonight. Vikki can’t – she has work.

We’ve upgraded our surroundings – but Billy and Amanda admit that they both had fun last night. Yes, Amanda will allow Billy to buy her another cup of coffee.

It’s not like Nate’s dating Amanda – he just doesn’t understand why Elena can’t be civil to her. Elena’s angry on Devon’s behalf – Amanda’s a constant reminder of what he lost. Nare correctly guesses that it’s affecting their relationship. Yeah, Elena’s not sure they can get past this – Devon’s changed.

Devon awakens to find his deceased wife mauling him. Did I startle you? Hilary asks. I was just having this dream – you were in a car accident – how could I go on without you? Devon murmurs the name Hilary as they kiss. I’m Amanda! He awakens alone and on the verge of a panic attack.

At Society’s bar, Billy and Amanda have another flirtatious and open conversation that catches them both off-guard. Getting a text from Vikki that Katie’s sick, Billy needs to leave.

Postponing his days meetings, Devon ends his call and looks at a framed photo of him and Elena.

Devon’s still in shock and taking on too much, Nate thinks – he can relate. Elena’s the opposite – she tends to shut out the world. She’s tried to offer Devon a quiet place to heal but maybe that’s not what he needs. She’s surprised when Devon calls to say he’s rearranged his schedule so they can have lunch – Society in 20. See? You two are gonna be fine, Nate reassures.

At Jabot, Theo tells Summer that he’s too busy to have lunch – or dinner. He wants to succeed on merit alone. It might be good for both of us to take a step back. Are you breaking up with me right now? Summer’s astonished.

Where is this coming from? Is it because I didn’t jump to move in with you? Summer thought things were fine the way they were. There’s no ‘there’ there, Theo laments the lack of serious conversation between them – you’re distant; keeping me at arms length. Last nights sex doesn’t count. After managing to slip Kyle’s name in, Theo leaves Summer looking conflicted.

At Society, Devon greets and seats Elena. He took the liberty of ordering (since she doesn’t have much time) and is sorry he’s been neglecting the woman who’s been at his side through all this craziness. This is for real – you and me, he kisses her hand. Nothing else matters.

Vikki comes home to hear that Katie’s been put to bed. She brought chicken soup home (and a sandwich for Billy) and has to go to a work-related cocktail party. Gotta run – See you. Billy doesn’t look impressed.