Wednesday, December 4th, 2019

At TGP, Chance bumps into just the person he was looking for. Of course Abby has a minute for him. Chance came across some interesting information – not about the hotel robbery but equally important.

Over beers at Society, Nick confides to Devon that things are going well at New Hope – his personal life, not so much.

His homework done, Connor heads up but pauses to spy from the staircase. His trip to the park is postponed because Sharon’s coming over. Chelsea and Adam vow to do whatever they need to in order to help their son.

Abby calls Phyllis (at CL’s) Coffee break’s over – we have a situation here that needs your immediate attention. I’ll tell you the details when you get here ~click~ Chance’s team has discovered that Phyllis set up a back door into the system that enabled her to spy on Abby and Chelsea. She saw anything on your phones and tablets. Abby can’t wait to fire her. Chance will check in later to see what went down. The only thing going down is Phyllis, Abby’s confident.

To be in Nick and Devon’s club, you have to give away all your money and be in a relationship that’s being tested. Yes, this will situation’s having an effect – Devon wanted to do right by Kay – and that was used against him. Then, there’s Amanda. Nick’s turn – he and Chelsea have a lot of issues – and one giant obstacle.

On the CL’s patio, Chelsea again reassures Adam that he’s not the monster Connor fears. Maybe he’s inherited the darkness I inherited from Victor, Adam worries.

Back at the penthouse, Connor tells Sharon that he’s doing better – he knows how to keep the monster away (but clams up and continues colouring instead of elaborating)

Now at TGP, Phyllis tells Abby to be patient – she’s working on finding the jewel thief. Abby puts a tablet in front of her – you used the security system to spy on me, Chelsea and everyone else here. Phyllis denies she did anything wrong. She was just doing her job. Believing Phyllis was looking for blackmail leverage, Abby tells her to take her lack of conscience and get the hell out of here.

Phyllis won’t leave her ‘baby’ – I built it from the ground up. That situation with Simon Black would have ended badly without her software updates. Chance and I have the goods on you, Abby smirks. Phyllis mocks the glow in her eyes. That whole damsel in distress/hero thing is a dated trope. You weren’t enough for Nate or Arturo – and Chance will find that out soon too. You blew up every relationship you’ve ever been in – now get the hell out, Abby snarls. Phyllis leaves – but she’ll be back soon.

Nick believes Adam wants to help Connor AND use the situation to get closer to Chelsea. He’ll support her – but sure doesn’t like seeing her move from his house to his brothers’. Devon has to ask how long Nick can go on like this.

Over coffee, Chelsea and Adam debate whether being evil is an inherited trait. She thinks not – you have free will. Saying you can’t help it because you’re like Victor is taking the easy way out. You love Connor and he loves you. We just need to stand by him and get him better. Chelsea has an idea that’ll help them all – tell you on the way (they leave)

Assured that Sharon won’t think it silly, Connor explains that it’s sort of like a spell. ‘You can’t beat three; Mom and Dad and me’. Saying it over and over works. No more monsters. So you don’t have to come around anymore.

Yes, Connor thinks his time with Sharon helps – but that’s time away from my Mom and Dad, he continues to colour and all but ignore Sharon.

Chelsea’s brought Adam back to CL’s to get brownies for Connor. He agrees that some family fun time will do them all good.