Tuesday, December 10th, 2019

Entering the CEO office, Summer wonders what Theo’s looking for on Jack’s desk. Some notes Jack left for me – gottem! Now he wonders about Jack and Kyle’s dinner meeting – anything I should know about? That depends on how it goes, Summer’s coy.

At Society, Jack’s had enough drinks to butter him up so suggests Kyle get to the reason he asked for this meeting.

Mariah’s at the penthouse to report that everything’s going well at Power Communications. And did Devon and Elena come to an understanding about Amanda? Not really – but the two women made peace. Blaming Nate, Devon thinks he should mind his own damn business.

Running into Nate at CL’s, they discuss Elena making peace with Amanda (and Devon not being able to) She suspects this is really about Hilary – who he may never get over.

Victor gets a call at home – is this about Amanda Sinclair? Uh huh. Really? Uh huh. That’s very interesting indeed.

Now seated at the coffee house, Nate can’t deny that Devon might not be over Hilary – if someone who looked like his deceased fiancee came to town it’d mess with his head too. Admitting she didn’t handle it well, Elena feels like there’s another woman – or I’m the other woman. We’ll work things out, she doesn’t sound convinced.

When Devon confides that he needs some time to sort things out on his own, Mariah warns that if he pushes Elena away, he might find himself with more time on his hands than he’d like.

It’s not Summer’s place to say what Kyle and Jack are meeting about. As his friend, she’d hate to see Theo blow this opportunity (at Jabot).

Kyle finally gets around to why he’s invited his Dad to Society – reinstate me as CEO.

Summer’s surprised when Victor drops by Jabot to congratulate her on her promotion – he’s even aware that Theo was promoted to her old job. We decided just to be friends, Summer updates (so doesn’t need to know what his investigation turned up) Told that she deserves the best, Summer’s sure the right person’s out there somewhere. Maybe it’s someone you already know, Victor adds.

Mariah joins Lola as she’s intensely watching to see how Kyle and Jack’s meeting’s going. Theo and Summer broke up, she announces. Never mind feeling sorry for Theo, watch out for Summer, she Mariah warns.

Kyle’s not suggesting Jack step down – he wants to share the CEO job like he did with Billy. Jack agrees that his bold, creative ideas have been hits – but you can do all that as COO. Not satisfied with the answer, Kyle thinks it might be time he moved on.

Devon’s been expecting Nate to show up and doesn’t appreciate him sharing Elena’s belief that he’s drawn to Amanda because she looks like Hilary.

Summer wonders why her grandpa’s so invested in her love life and takes a jab at him for letting her believe he’d died. It wasn’t a ‘game’ – Victor was protecting himself and trying to save his son. He doesn’t blame Summer for being mad – can you forgive me? I’ll try, Summer gives her grandpa a weepy hug.

Kyle’s ready to test his wings and see what he can accomplish – if he can’t do that at Jabot he’ll walk away with no hard feelings (and maybe come back when the time’s right) Take your time – we’ll talk at the end of the week, thanks for meeting me, Kyle stands to leave. Hang on – Jack doesn’t need time – congratulations, he shakes Kyle’s hand – let’s give it a try.