Tuesday, December 10th, 2019

Lola’s not worried about Summer’s ‘trickery’ – she’s not a witch. You sure about that? Mariah quips. Lola excuses herself to go ask Jack and Kyle how it went and the three are bubbling over with excitement when Theo appears to ask Mariah what’s going on. No idea but they sure look happy. They sure do, Theo scowls.

Joining the celebration, Theo and Mariah congratulate Kyle. As he kisses his new wife, Theo watches jealously from the bar all alone (no one accepted his offer of a drink and Jack and Mariah left)

Devon’s fine – he knows Amanda’s not Hilary – I get it. Knowing he’s crushed, Nate thinks Devon should talk to someone. What do you want to hear? That things have been harder than I’m letting on? Sure, Devon admits the truth. That’s OK – now we’re getting somewhere, Nate’s optimistic.

At the bar, Theo assures Lola that he IS happy for Kyle. He’s enjoying his new job too – putting his own spin on it. Lola mentions his break up with Summer. As his friend, she has to ask – did the break up have anything to do with Kyle and Summer?

Back at the office, Summer’s thrilled to hear that Jack agreed to make Kyle his co-CEO and talks him into sharing a bottle of champagne with her to celebrate.

Tears in his eyes, Devon confides that sometimes when he sees Amanda, he goes back to his last moments with Hilary. Nate’s supportive – I’m here for you, so’s Elena. Get some help, maybe a grief counsellor. Devon believes the first step is to stay away from Amanda – stop torturing myself.

Cheers for going after what you want, Summer clinks Kyle’s glass. He wasn’t bluffing about leaving Jabot – partially inspired by Summer walking away from the opportunities Victor offered her at NE to have success on her own terms. Theo was surprisingly supportive earlier – wait, that’s suspicious, isn’t it? Yes – Summer tattles that she caught him snooping on the desk. And he’s not my boyfriend – we broke up. More bubbly is poured for another toast – here’s to moving up – and moving on.

Theo’s break up had nothing to do with Summer and Kyle – we’re both busy with our careers. Lola understands and has many goals to work towards yet; her own restaurant, a house – kids. You’re gonna make a great Mom, Kyle clinks her glass.

Victor drops by Devon’s penthouse. First, he’s sorry he was swindled by Collin and wants to help him seek justice. Next – he has some info on Amanda Sinclair.

Kyle’s surprised to come home early to find Lola looking sexy in a red satin robe and offering Chilli pepper chocolate mousse and champagne. Let’s save the bubbly for New Year’s Eve – I already had some at the office. Oh? Did Jack have a bottle waiting for you? It was actually Summer, Kyle readily admits. Lola doesn’t skip a beat – OK – let’s skip to the other surprise, she purrs. This is a good day, Kyle smiles. It’s about to get even better ~kiss~

On the CL’s patio, Nate updates Elena that Devon confided in him so he shouldn’t break that confidence. Yes, he talked about Amanda and is going to take steps to address the situation. Relieved and grateful, Elena gives him a hug.

Victor tells Devon that there’s a reason there’s not much info online about Amanda – she hired a company that specializes in erasing someone’s online history. She hired this company the same time Collin started this scheme. Devon agrees – it’s no coincidence. Everyone’s been trying to convince me that she’s innocent, Devon feels vindicated. Victor slides over a full envelope. I was very fond of Katherine – this really pisses me off. We’re gonna get this guy and his accomplice. Devon’s left alone to absorb this new information.