Wednesday, December 11th, 2019

Walking into CL’s, Phyllis immediately notices that Nick’s down in the dumps and quickly concocts a plan to distract him. Take that! she bashes the jukebox repeatedly. Her ruse works and Nick’s quick to grin and show off his dimples.

At the penthouse, Chelsea and Adam bicker like a married couple. Both are stressed out over Connor and how to handle his behaviour. Chelsea doesn’t think her staying in his house is helping matters.

Come on – you can do this, Billy talks inside his head as he’s struggling to assemble a dollhouse.

Chance is working on his laptop in TGP’s lounge when Abby sends him a text with a champagne emoji and a question mark. She’s delighted when he immediately replies – how about tonight?

Talking inside his head to a doll in his hand, Billy gives up as Vikki comes in to offer reassurance – you’re good at following directions. Katie will love this. Anything for my girls, Billy takes a sip of his beer and forces a smile.

Billy explains that he’s putting the house together because Katie’s sleeping over at a friends house. Vikki shares her concern that they haven’t seen much of each other this week. When a defensive Billy’ claims that he’s been busy taking care of the kids and working out, she wonders if he’s avoiding her – are we OK?

Back at CL’s, Phyllis jokes that Sharon’s jukebox is probably full of Danny Romalotti hits. Nick assumes she didn’t get her job back and that Abby had a good reason for firing Phyllis. He brings up her arrests – she brings up Chelsea living with Adam – both are still smiling.

Chelsea and Adam debate whether her living at the penthouse is what’s best for Connor. We agreed to be a united front – a family, he reminds. When Chelsea suggests that their son needs to accept that this living arrangement is temporary, Adam’s upset and suspects Nick’s behind her change of heart.

Even Sharon thinks this is a bad idea, Chelsea expresses her concern. She also said Connor’s getting better, Adam again bashes Nick. Fine, when should we tell Connor? Chelsea’s about to leave when Connor comes down to plead – please don’t go.

Phyllis and Nick agree that she’s one of a kind. Off home to check on Christian, Nick knows she didn’t really lose money in the jukebox but leaves her five bucks to play some songs that aren’t about revenge.

Billy reassures Vikki that he appreciates her support – you’re my priority. They’re about to kiss when her phone rings. This won’t take long, she excuses herself. Now alone, Billy asks himself why he blew the chance to tell Vikki the truth.

Why hold back – tell Vikki what’s got you so twisted up – you love her, Billy tells himself. He then sits Vikki down. You can tell me anything, she invites. I need you, he gives her a kiss and the clothes start coming off.

Connor blames Sharon and Nick for his parents not getting along. We’re both here and not going anywhere, Chelsea tries to console her son. Crying in his Dad’s arms out of fear for the monster, Connor makes his Mom promise that she’s coming home.

At TGP, Phyllis asks Chance what he was doing in Sin City with Adam. You’re embarrassing yourself, he believes she doesn’t know anything – and tries to keep his face blank when she claims to know about a duffel bag and a gun.