Friday, December 13th, 2019

On the patio, Amanda sums up Connor’s situation and having read Walnut Grove’s policy suggests Chelsea looks into another school or homeschool Connor. Maybe you and the boy’s Father need to consider that it’s time for a change. Chelsea’s been given a lot to think about.

Nick thanks his Mom for updating him on Connor – Chelsea probably didn’t want to burden him. Despite all the weirdness, he cares about Connor so will go see him in the ‘media room’, where he’s watching cartoons. Hang on, there’s something else Adam said – you might find this quite disconcerting, Nikki warns.

Adam’s invited Phyllis over to discuss a mutually beneficial arrangement. He needs Chelsea to be more focussed on her family. Yes, she moved in, but she’s still hung up on Nick, Adam whines. You want him – follow your heart’s desire. Are you asking me to seduce my ex-husband for you? Phyllis is insulted – Go to hell.

Sharon gives Rey a sandwich and a kiss to tide him over while he waits for her to finish work. Mariah arrives – you two don’t even need mistletoe.

Adam went on and on about ‘we’ and ‘us’ – and ‘family’. Sounds like he and Chelsea are doing more than co-parenting, Nikki believes he’s hoping to pick up where he left off with her. Nick’s not surprised – he loves Chelsea. Then you’ve got to do something to fix things then, Nikki warns that he’s running out of time. Things are awkward when Chelsea arrives to pick up Connor (having received a message from Adam)

How dare you!? Phyllis blasts Adam for treating her like one his minions. And don’t patronize me like a hysterical female. Adam feels that he and Chelsea belong together – and that Phyllis wants Nick back. He could see that earlier at Society. What’s the problem here? You – you’re the problem, Phyllis is pissed.

Abby and Chance are so busy talking that they ignore their food. He has an idea. Spontaneity is my middle name, Abby’s all ears.

Joining Sharon and Rey, Mariah knows that Faith will be happy to see them happy together. Christmas should be great this year – what’s the plan? Oh no – are we… not… doing Christmas together? Sharon and Rey look uncomfortable.

Despite Nick asking for some time with her, Chelsea says there’s no need for Nikki to leave her and Nick alone (so he takes the hint and goes to see Connor instead)

We’re partners in crime, Adam doesn’t understand why Phyllis is so angry. This serves YOUR agenda too. This is about respect, she continues to rage – if you really respected me you’d be trying to make amends right now. You just made a really big mistake – one you’ll regret, she snarls as she slams out.

Putting Abby’s coat around her shoulders, Chance is taking her to a little club for drinks and dessert. But first, a kiss.

Mariah’s sorry – I put my foot in my mouth, she sips from her Christmas mug. That’s fine – Sharon and Rey would love to spend the holidays together.

Connor runs in to hug his Dad and updates on his time with Grandma Nikki. After he goes upstairs to brush his teeth, Chelsea tells Adam that she talked to a lawyer. Amanda helped me realize that I need to be more rational and calm. She hasn’t made any decisions but maybe Connor not going to Walnut Grove isn’t a bad idea. We can get through this and figure out what’s best for our son. We will – together, Adam agrees.

Nick’s back at Society for his credit card. Phyllis arrives to tell the hostess that she doesn’t need a table – she’s going to take the high road – for now – for now. After both look over at Nick, he turns in time to see Phyllis hurrying out.