Friday, December 13th, 2019

Sharon’s serving Amanda a free coffee to thank her for helping serve the homeless on Thanksgiving Day when Chelsea appears in dire need of a private word. Things have gone from bad to so much worse, she frets to Sharon.

After Connor goes down to the stables to feed the horses with Hank, Nikki demands Adam tell her what’s going on with her grandson.

Abby leaves TGP in the capable hands of a staff member to greet Chance – she’s been looking forward to their date all day. So have I, Chance smiles.

All but forced to join Phyllis at Society’s bar, Nick wonders why she’s at Abby’s bar (if she’s so mad at her) Phyllis loves the food and her delicious drink; suitably named the Red Hot Revenge. What are you doing here? he asks again – suspecting she’s hatching a plan.

Nick (who still believes Abby must have had reason to fire her) thinks Phyllis should just find another job. Like, look in the want ads and hand out a resume? Phyllis doesn’t need a job, she needs a throne from which to ‘shake things up’. Nick thinks her a smart, ambitious woman and has faith she’ll land on her feet and find something amazing – without dirty tricks.

Adam stuns Nikki with the news that Walnut Grove has requested that Connor not return after the winter break. The Newmans have been extremely generous, an outraged Nikki can’t believe it and seems willing to have a word with the school. Adam politely declines any ‘pulling strings’ – yes, he and Chelsea want to handle things themselves. Nikki knows Victor will want to help, even if that’s just lending an ear. Connor’s fine here – take as much time as you need. Thanking her, Adam leaves.

Meanwhile, Chelsea’s still at CL’s venting to Sharon about Walnut Grove kicking Connor out. No, she and Adam haven’t told him. Understanding and supportive, Sharon doesn’t know if there’s any legal recourse but knows someone who might.

Nick meant every word of the pep talk he’s given Phyllis – she has faith in him too. Appearing in the background, Adam watches them laughing and sends Phyllis a text on his way out. Meet me at my place now – don’t tell anyone. Lying to Nick, Phyllis leaves for a massage she forgot she booked.

Sharon brings Chelsea out to the patio to formally introduce her to Amanda (then leaves them to it) Chelsea sits to tell the lawyer that her son’s school is being grossly unfair.

Abby’s brought Chance to Society. The chef’s made a special menu for us – our table’s right this way. And there’s Nick (who comes over for a few words before Nikki summons him to the ranch after an ‘enlightening’ chat with Adam)

Adam thanks Phyllis for coming so quickly. Chelsea and Connor are both out. Why did I need to keep this urgent meeting a secret? Adam has a proposition for Phyllis; we’ll both get what we want.

Chance enjoyed his dinner and is fine with Abby choosing it. He likes a woman who knows what she wants – and the successful entrepreneur she’s become. They even joke about the jewel heist she didn’t pull off.

When Rey drops by, Sharon informs him that Chelsea’s here – hopefully, I steered her in the right direction.