Monday, December 16th, 2019

Devon hides his folder on Amanda as Elena comes downstairs to invite him out to breakfast. No, he’s not avoiding her – he has a meeting. Good, she wants to focus on us, not Amanda. You should still keep your distance from her – you don’t know anything about her or what she’s capable of. You think she could be a threat? Let’s just steer clear of her ~kiss/I love you’s. As soon as she’s alone, Elena wastes no time finding the folder on Amanda.

Theo’s thinking of launching a media campaign of makeovers – given to reunited long lost loves and adventure dating show participants. Jack (and Summer) like the ideas but wants to focus on sure bets. Like the deal Theo’s scheduled to close tomorrow. No, Kyle walk in all cocky – uh no, it was today.

Billy helps a harried Vikki out the door, coffee in one hand, briefcase in the other – what would I do without you? she expresses her appreciation. Keep up it up, inner Billy coerces himself. End scene, he’s visibly relieved when the door closes. You’re a horrible actor, he tells himself. Oh well, fake it til you make it.

You stood them up and they’re not happy, Kyle tells Theo that he took care of it. We’re having drinks tonight. It’s my deal, Theo calls Tim to apologize – let me make it up to you with VIP tickets to a show. Great. See you then. Guy’s a huge reggae fan mon (Kyle must have missed that) This business is all about building relationships. Theo’s now the smug one.

Summer’s humble when updating Jack on the Korean skincare line. She gives Kyle half the credit and hopes the rest of her team keep making her look good (Theo) After Jack and Summer leave, Theo confronts Kyle – so ‘cuz’ – did you set me up?

Over breakfast, Vikki’s thrilled to hear that Billy’s got a consulting job he’ll be going to Chicago for now and again. Are you excited? Am I? he asks himself. Yes – but he’ll miss Vikki when he’s on the road. She’s so beautiful, inner Billy wants to celebrate upstairs – but is left alone (Vikki’s running late)

Another day, another confrontation, Amanda all but rolls her eyes. Devon warns that his attorney wants to take legal action against her. Go ahead – you have no grounds. You were defrauded by Collin, not me. Devon wants the whole truth out too – but that won’t happen until Collin’s found. Maybe I should dig through your past. Because none of this adds up.

No, Devon won’t put this behind him and move on – not until he finds the answers. Amanda gives him free legal advice – I’m not libel. I can still land clients; ask Nate, Phyllis and Cane. I assume we’re done here, she walks out.

Elena bumps into Nate on the CL’s patio. He reports that the woman she misdiagnosed is doing fine and has gone home. Nate also admires how she and Devon are working through all this – and that she’s willing to consider that Amanda might have been a victim too. What if she wasn’t, Elena has to wonder.

The project is on schedule and under budget – we’re good to go, Vikki ends a call as her Father drops by her office claiming he was in the neighbourhood. Of course Vikki has time for him. Victor’s doing very well – he went sailing the other day – won a race. He’s going to buy a bigger yacht. It’s OK to say you miss it here, Vikki sees through his guise. Is it that obvious? Victor poured his heart and soul into this place but that doesn’t mean he regrets stepping back – he won’t mount a comeback or look over Vikki’s shoulder. Yes, NE makes her as happy as it made Victor – it’s a dream come true. As for Billyboy – we couldn’t be happier.

Billy arrives at CL’s looking troubled. His back to her, at the counter, there’s an inner struggle going on – should he say hello or not? Amanda immediately notices.

Not sure where Elena’s coming from, Nate warns that she’s becoming obsessed. Elena admits she’s having a hard time dealing with Hilary, I mean Amanda – OK, both them. Devon was finally moving on when Amanda showed up. It must be so hard for him. Your talk didn’t fix everything, she tells Nate. We still have questions about Amanda, and so should you. Where’s all this coming from? Nate’s even more flabbergasted.

Invited to sit down, Billy tells Amanda that he’s got a consulting job and is a bit anxious about it. You’re handsome, successful and moderately charming – be yourself, she advises. No, I’m a frog covered in warts, Billy quips. Yes, she considers them friends. We have a lot in common, Billy agrees. Both seem tired of pretending to be someone they’re not but Amanda’s not ready to confide more – yet.