Thursday, December 12th, 2019

Nate thinks it a nice surprise when Abby serves him a beer on the house – a friendly gesture. We are still friends, aren’t we?

Over drinks and the ever-present bowl of bar peanuts, Amanda and Billy relate over being pushed to be perfect. She was an orphan who grew up in foster care. Professionally, she has it all worked out. Personally – well that’s another story.

In the CEO’s office, Summer looks both exhausted and exhilarated as she does some boxer-cizing. She doesn’t have anything exciting to go home to. Come on – she lands some more punches into Kyle’s raised palms.

Lola wonders why Theo’s working at Society all the time instead of at a fully equipped office at Jabot. He’s working on a line of Jabot-emojis he’ll call – wait for it – Jabotiji’s. Knowing Lola gets inspiration for her cooking outside the kitchen, Theo considers them both creative. We have more in common than you think.

Devon comes home to put his ‘not important’ information aside to hear that Elena’s been called back into work. He appreciates all she’s helped him through; Hilary, Neil and now… Amanda. You deserve someone better.

Devon thinks they can work through things if they talk to each other instead of other people. No, he’s not referring to Amanda. She doesn’t have to be our enemy and Elena wants to love every part of Devon’s messy life. Trust that I’ll love you no matter what. Devon seals the deal with a kiss. I’ll see you in the morning. After I love you’s, Devon’s left to contemplate the file on Amanda Sinclair.

Meanwhile, at the bar, Billy jokes that Amanda has more secrets than Area 51. I’ve made mistakes, she admits – people only show you what they want you to see. Bit by bit, the mask slips off to reveal a monster. Don’t get too close and you won’t get disappointed. Billy thinks she could be missing out on life’s greatest adventures. He excuses himself to take a call from Vikki. Are you out? she suggests meeting him. That won’t work but he left something at home for her. Just give me a minute, Billy covers the phone to tell Amanda (who leaves him disappointed to be going home to Vikki)

Abby wants to be friends, not just friendly with Nate – she has regrets moving too slowly in their relationships yet being so quick to go along with Victor’s plan. Reciting a long list of traits she admires in Nate, Abby’d like to keep this ‘great guy’ her life as a friend and is happy when Nate’s agrees.

These are great, Lola’s impressed by Theo’s sketches of emojis. He thinks they’re both ambitious and carefree. Asked why he didn’t take the job in Paris, Theo admits that it isn’t his life goal to create new emojis for Jabot but will make the best of it and not look like a loser. He wants to prove someone wrong. Anyone I know? Lola asks.

Go home and eat some real food, Summer’s sure Lola will bring Kyle something home. He’s not going anywhere and knows Summer’s even more exhausted than he is. Grabbing his phone, Summer initiates a video chat with Lola.

Summer? Is Kyle alright!? Lola’s answers her phone. No, he’s eating bad food – convince him to come home, Summer says ‘goodbye’ and bounces out of frame. Sorry about that, Kyle apologizes – she’s punchdrunk and thought you might meet me at home if you saw how tired I am. Lola’s short-staffed and the restaurant is busy. She scans the crowd with her phone to show him. I’ll let you get back to it, Kyle’s not happy to see Theo and ending the call with ‘I Love you’s’ looks glum as he tells Summer – let’s get back to work.

Looking at his laptop while on his phone, Devon sees nothing earth-shaking at first then finds some dirt on Amanda. She was engaged; filed a restraining order against the guy. Ripley Turner – he filed one against her too. She then closed her office and took Chance on as a client. This is everything I wanted – great job, thanks, Devon hangs up.