Monday, December 16th, 2019

Theo suggests they call Tim’s assistant to get to the bottom of the meeting mix up but stops Kyle from placing the call. We’ll both look like idiots. You can’t admit you made a mistake and I cleaned up your mess, Kyle maintains. I’ll close this deal, Theo’s confident. Yeah, it’ll be epic, Kyle mocks him. He hopes it works out. I’m in charge here – I wouldn’t sabotage you at the expense of the company I run. You messed up all on your own ‘cuz’. You didn’t need any help from me.

Summer grumbles to Jack – it’s exhausting refereeing Theo and Kyle. He reports to you – your job’s to get him on his A-game. He’s trying hard to fit in with the family and the company – Kyle’s not making either easy, but Jack thinks this an opportunity for Kyle to find his management style. Like a test? Summer wonders.

Not a test – an opportunity, Jack clarifies. He’s sure Kyle will have the company’s best interests at heart. Theo’s capable too. Jack thinks Summer too close to mediate – take a step back. She agrees to a hands off approach. Exiting Kyle’s office, Theo has no time to go over stuff with Summer As he hurries off, Kyle comes out grumbling. Summer whisks him off for a talk.

Amanda questions Billy’s intentions. Every man who’s chatted her up like this asks her out. No, Billy’s not trying to sleep with Amanda. Are you trying to sleep with me? No. Both are glad they got that out of the way. How are things at home? Great – on paper. Perfect, some would say. Which makes Billy nervous – he likes things messy; wild and crazy. You have someone at home to be wild and crazy with, that makes you a lucky man. Billy’s smile doesn’t say ‘lucky man’.

Nothing to worry about – Vikki lists reasons why Billy’s so amazing. A house husband? You’re not even married, Victor chortles. Vikki chides her Father for being old fashioned – Billy just accepted a consulting job in Chicago. Victor’s glad to hear it. You’ll always be my little girl. Thank you, I love you, Vikki runs around the desk to give him a hug.

You and Devon both said you were backing off on Amanda, Nate thinks Elena way off base. His breakup with Abby has nothing to do with it – he and Amanda are just friends. You guys need to let it go. Maybe Devon’s looking for an excuse not to. Elena looks devastated.

Billy comes home to tell Vikki that he’s taking her to Chicago for the night – Hannah will watch the kids. Let’s go have some fun before I get busy. Vikki’s tempted but can’t; not tonight. Pouring a glass of wine, she says that’s not where we’re at, is it? Inner Billy wonders why not. I was half-joking, inner Billy says be convincing. I’ll order us some dinner. Sounds great Vikki wanders out of the room. Billy looks pissed.

At TGP, Kyle rants about Theo not knowing what the stakes are. I didn’t switch his meeting, he insists. Summer’s decided not to get caught in the middle. Kyle pressures Summer to be his sounding board. You and Theo aren’t dating and we’re just two friends talking. Clearly you have something to say – why not just say it?

Summer knows Kyle didn’t change Theo’s appointment. He made a mistake and you pounced – it’s not the most effective way to handle an employee. Theo’s really talented. As his boss, it’s your job to bring out the best in him. Kyle supposes so – bu tit’s hard to cut through the double talk and spin. Summer’s advice? Don’t let Theo pull you into his game. Stay above it.

In Jack’s office, Theo assures he’s 100% ready for his meeting. He doesn’t know how the days got mixed up. In this building, you’re not my nephew – you’re a marketing executive, you won’t get preferential treatment from me. Theo won’t mess up again. Good, Jack really wants this to work out.

Nate thinks Elena should be encouraging Devon to let things go with Amanda. It’s not healthy for him or your relationship. Elena’s more worried about Nate – you ARE involved. What if someone dug up some dirt on Amanda? I need to say this – and you need to hear me – Amanda’s a complicated woman with a lot of secrets – she could be dangerous.

Devon makes a beeline for his hiding place behind the bar and can immediately tell that the folder’s been moved.

Having a drink at his desk at home, Billy sends Amanda a text …… ‘Friend: a person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, exclusive of sexual relations’. Still at CL’s, Amanda smiles as she replies – Thanks for the vocabulary lesson. Smiling mischievously as ominous music plays Billy finishes his drink.