Tuesday, December 17th, 2019

Jack orders a ‘Scotch, neat’ as he takes a seat beside Phyllis at Society’s bar. You seem down, he notes – anything I can help with? Phyllis whines about Abby firing her and Adam screwed her over too.

On the CL’s patio, Elena’s back to thinking that Amanda’s up to something – perhaps Nate can help suss that out. No, he’s not buying into these conspiracy theories – it’s dangerous and wrong. Devon appears – I need to talk to you. With a sigh, Elena follows him inside.

At Nick’s, Summer shows off a velvet robe she made for Christian’s school pageant – it’s a wise man. You couldn’t tell? Yes, Nick was just kidding but he’s no longer laughing when she asks what’s going on between him and Chelsea.

Adam’s at TGP hoping to go out for dinner with Chelsea. No, she has to go shopping. Great – we can do it together, he persists. No, Chelsea’s going shopping for Nick – talk to you later.

Sharon’s at the penthouse asking Connor why he told lies. Busy colouring, Connor reasons that his parents believed him about the monster and now they’re together. And that makes me happy.

Knowing Elena saw the folder on Amanda, Devon wants to explain and is surprised when she interrupts to say that there’s no need – she now agrees that he’s right and will help Devon get to the bottom of why this woman dropped into his life.

Nick reminds Summer of when her Mom took her to Switzerland for treatment. He stepped back despite his reservations. But Mom wasn’t living with another guy, Summer doesn’t see the comparison. Adam doesn’t respect boundaries. Nick agrees – and relays that he was saying ‘us’ when talking to Nikki the other day. He fights dirty to get what he wants – what are you going to do about it? Summer seems frustration with her Dad’s inaction.

Back at Society, Phyllis rants ‘n raves to Jack about Adam saying the most insulting thing to her. He asked me to do something degrading and disgusting – that’s all. No, I’m NOT a woman scorned! she protest sends Jack off.

Devon expresses how relieved he is that Elena’s on his side. No, she didn’t tell Nate about the dossier on Amanda but did issue a warning. Both are worried about him – then it’s back to Devon apologizing to his ‘rock’; the woman who is his future ~kiss~