Tuesday, December 17th, 2019

Phyllis follows Jack to clarify that she and Adam were never in a romantic relationship. She needed a friend, an ally – no more, no less. He’ll be sorry, she vows. Good luck, Jack suggests Phyllis go home, sober up and realize that going after Adam’s a mistake. Focus on rebuilding your life instead of bringing someone else’s down. Jack thinks Phyllis as smart as they come – but where has revenge ever gotten you?

Connor and I had a good session – he apologized for lying, Sharon says when Adam comes home. His wording and this drawing show that Connor knows both his parents have made him a priority. But, Sharon worries about the unintended messages Adam and Chelsea are sending Connor that might backfire.

Nate comes in to overhear Devon and Elena talking and assumes they hired a PI to investigate Amanda. We didn’t but we found out that she hired a company to scrub her online presence and took a restraining order out against a man who had a restraining order against her. Nate’s still not convinced – and insulted when Devon suggests he’s more worried about Amanda than them. I’ll pretend you didn’t just say that, he exits.

Sharon worries that all their good work will be undone when Connor realizes that his parents being together is a fantasy. We’ll tell him, eventually, Adam wants to get past the holidays and Connor being moved to a new school. It’s just not the right time. Sharon suggests Connor be told the truth bit by bit. He shouldn’t be lead to believe that his parents have reconciled when that’s not the case.

Summer appreciates her Dad making her a sandwich but would rather have answers on what’s going on between him and Chelsea (who should have been truthful about Simon Black before the hostage situation) Yes, you lied to her too (about Victor’s ‘death’) but your reasons were noble – Summer doesn’t understand why Chelsea’s doing nothing to change the situation. Merry Christmas, Chelsea appears to cue tension.

Arriving at TGP, Jack leaves a message for Billy (inviting him out for a nightcap so they can discuss his new job) Abby appears to worry about Uncle Billy – Vikki says they aren’t spending much time together. No, Jack doesn’t feel that solving the Abbott family’s problems a burden and he couldn’t be more proud of the legacy Abby’s building. Set the bar high and expect the next generation to exceed it ~hug~

Saved by a text she claims is from her Mom, an uncomfortable Summer comments that it’s nice seeing Chelsea there as she exits. I don’t deserve you, Chelsea expresses her appreciation for Nick’s patience. Knowing she’s being unfair, she begs him to hold on a little bit longer – it’ll be worth it. I’ve missed you like crazy. Nick silences her with a kiss, and then the removal of clothes.

Connor shows his Dad a drawing he made for his Mom. Where is she? Christmas shopping. An excited Connor hopes he’s getting a skateboard – but Mom said it’s too dangerous. Adam agrees she might be right but will talk to her. We’ll all figure this out together.

When Summer joins her Mom at Society, Phyllis correctly guesses that Jack told her to come. Yeah, he said you needed a friend – but Summer was glad to have an excuse to get out of the house. As for Theo, we’re still friends – like you and your exes are. He was fun but something was missing. Wait for the right man, Phyllis instructs. Yes, but right now, Summer would rather order dinner.

Adam awakens from a dream that Chelsea comes home to announce that she loves him, not Nick ~kiss~

Meanwhile, Chelsea and Nick are naked beneath a blanket when she tells him to open his present; a framed picture she found rolled up in a closet of the dreamhome he planned to build for them. It meant so much that you kept the property all this time – you believed in us, she gushes. Nick still believes in ‘us’ ~kiss~

Now home, Devon and Elena continue to discuss Nate – he won’t tell anyone about the PI’s report, Devon’s sure. Happy to be on the same page, they exchange ‘I love you’s’ and vow ‘no more secrets’ ~kiss~

Phyllis is impressed with the photo of Christian’s costume Summer shows her on her phone. Asked what her Dad’s plans for Christmas are, Summer’s not sure whether he’s spending it with Chelsea and Connor – things have been so weird lately.

Back at the house, Nick’s smiling at the framed photo of the house.

Chelsea returns to the penthouse too tired to discuss Connor with Adam. Good night, she leaves him disappointed.