Wednesday, December 18th, 2019

Sorry for the delay and lack of proofreading. It’s that time of year.

Traci and Jack welcome Theo. Yes, the Abbott’s really go all out for Christmas but it’ll be a nice quiet evening, without the rest of the family. The rest of the family meaning Kyle, Theo guesses correctly.

Is that pine needles? Is this tree sap? Lola asks. Yes, Kyle’s brought home their first Christmas tree but it’s a surprise. Rushing past Kyle to yank open the door and run out, Lola’s stunned by the huge tree that fills the hallway.

At Society, all applaud politely when Phyllis loudly announces that tonight’s a celebration of her creation; the beautiful, incredible Summer. Happy Birthday! You’re gonna celebrate with your Mama ~hug~

Gathered at the ranch, the kids at the stables, it’s just Nikki, Victor, Nick and Vikki (Chelsea’s home with a sick Connor) Nick mentions that Faith’s coming home for Christmas and he took Summer out for a birthday lunch earlier. As Vikki’s expresses confidence that dark times are behind them, Billy arrives to greet everyone.

The tree seems to be stuck in the hallway – Kyle had to climb over it to get into the apartment. He measured the height of the tree (but apparently not the width) As he gets a key (for a locker where he might find a saw) Kyle bumps into Lola as she removes a tray of cookies from the over – which sends them scattering on the floor.

Jack and Traci didn’t want Theo to feel overwhelmed by his first Christmas with the Abbott’s. He’s brought a box of olieballen ‘oil balls’ – a family tradition of his. After Traci goes to put them on a plate, Jack sits Theo down. He has a few things to discuss.

Over wine, Phyllis confiscates Summer’s phone and launches into advice on watching her back at Jabot. Sometimes, the person you least suspects puts the dagger in your heart. Summer detects that Phyllis is no longer talking about her – so, who put the dagger in your heart Mom?

Phyllis doesn’t want to talk about her life – tonight’s about you. Talk to me, Summer pleads – let me in. OK, I’m just doing some reflecting – this time last year I was CEO of Jabot and happy with your Dad. Summer’s happy to hear that her Mom no longer considers Adam her friend. Friends ARE overrated, says the 20-something spending her birthday with her Mom. Phyllis gushes – you’re a fighter, just like your Mom.

Nikki’s glad Billy could make it tonight since he, Vikki and the kids are going to Colorado for Christmas. They’re looking forward to seeing Reed. Billy’s distracted and vague about his consulting job. Yes, things are coming together. For all of us, Vikki chimes in.

It’s not a mystery firm, Billy’s consulting for Macgruder International. Victor didn’t know he had experience in mergers and acquisitions. Billy can’t say what he’s working on – he signed an NDA. Stop grilling him, Nikki chides – Billy’s always managed to make time for Vikki and the kids. On cue, Billy gets a text from Amanda – her word for the day is ….. When he decides to go check on the kids, Victor tags along. Nick’s left to tell his Mom and sister that he has hope for him and Chelsea (after last night)

The giant tree inside the apartment, Lola has a surprise for Kyle in the bedroom. Not that kind of surprise, she swats him away. Now alone, Kyle makes a weird face.