Thursday, December 19th, 2019

Jack’s glad that Billy’s getting the help he needs and didn’t mean to come off as a know-it-all older brother. That’s your job, Billy gives him a hug. Jack’s pleased that things are going well for Billy. I’m here if you ever need to talk. As Jack shows himself out, inner Billy says ‘I can’t tell you what you want to hear – that I’m cured. Truth is I’m a mess’.

Eating a Mrs Claus cookie, Kyle mocks Theo’s ridiculous idea to give Santa’s wife a Jabot makeover. Her smile turning upside down, Lola asks why they’re talking about Theo again.

No, Summer’s not asking Theo to resign, she’s asking him to reflect on where he is, where he wants to go – what he wants his future to look like (and leaves him to mull it over)

Devon sees this trip to London as an opportunity to hit the reset button. Elena knows this first Christmas without Neil will be hard. Is this really happening? It is if you say yes ~kiss~

After years of changing his name etc. to go undercover, Chance is eager to slow things down and be himself. Don’t take this the wrong way – but Paul reminds Chance that he has a history of getting antsy and leaving GC. Are you really ready to put down roots here? Chance doesn’t look sure.

Phyllis joins Billy at CL’s – is this the Jabot ex-pat section? Yup – living in exile at the coffee counter. No, Billy hadn’t heard that Abby fired Phyllis (though she’s not going anywhere and is making her presence known more than ever) Billy respects her for doing what she wants without regard for what others think – you drive your own train. Sometimes off the tracks, Phyllis quips. At least you’re in control of your own destiny. Detecting envy, Phyllis asks if Billy’s OK. She’s not impressed by his new job – you could do better – it’s a long-distance, mid-level position. Billy’s mood changes – you think I’m the train wreck?

You’re too good to be a mere consultant, Phyllis insists – that was a compliment by the way. Billy sees her as someone else judging him. Of all people, Phyllis gets it and ists all they went through together (short of mentioning Summer) She stops him from leaving. You deserve the life you want. You do you. Walking towards the door, inner Billy says he doesn’t know who he is anymore.

Chelsea has to ask – will Adam be invited? He and Connor are so close. And Phyllis is invited, she adds. She didn’t try to kill my Father, Nick points out. Not yet – hide the eggnog, Chelsea thinks it would be good for Connor to see everyone getting along. If Adam’s not there, Connor will just spend Christmas Day worrying about him.

While Kyle’s getting her a drink of milk, Lola’s phone pings. She chuckles at a photo of Theo enjoying dessert at Society.

Shaking hands, Paul hopes he was able to help. Chance is alone for a nanosecond before Phyllis appears to ask – what that little tete a tete was about.

At the seedy bar, Billy’s cajoled into playing a game of cards – just one hand.

Refusing to play another hand, Billy goes to sit alone and tell himself how easy that was.

Of course Devon’s all-in on this. Yes, he can put Amanda out of his mind. If something happens we’ll find out about it when we get back. An excited Elena takes Devon’s index finger and hits the button on the laptop to confirm their trip.

Back at the bar, Theo’s watching his phone intently for the reply Lola’s about to send – but looking over at Kyle in the kitchen, she changes her mind. At a nearby table, Summer’s watching Theo a closely as he’s watching his phone; his disappointment obvious.

It’s not Phyllis’ business – but she does want to know what transpired between Chance and Adam in Vegas. Following him to the CL’s exit, she vows that the more he shuts her out, the more she’ll persist. And I do love a challenge, she mutters to herself.

Back at TGP, Chelsea finally wears Nick down. Adam can come to the Newman family Christmas gathering. The boys can be together and I get to spend Christmas with you, Nick’s happy. Thank you, Chelsea hugs him.