Friday, December 20th, 2019

No sooner have Rey and Sharon hung a welcome home banner, Faith arrives. Mariah and Rey watch and Mother and daughter happily reunite.

You finally made it, Chance was about to give up when Adam arrives at Society. You deserve to know that I’m sticking around. I’m not trying to make things harder for you. I’m a reminder of things we’d both rather forget but I don’t need your permission or forgiveness.

Lauren and Chris are catching up at Society – while Mike and Paul are at the club (probably telling jokes in the sauna rather than playing racquetball) Cue Mike and Paul’s combative and loud arrival. What’s wrong? Your husband is a cheat, both say in unison.

At TGP, Amanda’s so busy reading paperwork that she bumps into a chair. As she scoops papers off the floor, Phyllis hands one over – I’d help you more but I’m sure you don’t want to be burned by this lightning rod for trouble.

Amanda apologizes to Phyllis for the way she handled their meeting. It’s all good – Phyllis is painfully self-aware and appreciates the honesty. Picking papers off the floor, Phyllis notices ads for apartments and doesn’t see any reason why Amanda doesn’t just stay at TGP.

Back at CL’s, Faith’s plan is to get some sleep, see her friends and family, do some laundry, then go enjoy some of Lola’s food. And she can already taste Christmas dinner. You are stunning! Summer comes over to hug Faith. She and Mariah alternate questions – both ending with the same question – about boys. Whisked off to the patio, Faith’s sisters want to know all about the boy they’re sure she’s seeing.

The chief of police and the DA loudly arguing about racquetball, Adam won’t tell Chance what to do – but what went down is hard to forget. He’s clearly doesn’t approve of Chance staying in GC. Chance isn’t here to make Adam’s life harder – he won’t forget that Adam helped him out of a jam. As Phyllis spies, Adam thinks the past should be forgotten.

Pleased to run into Amanda at TGP, Nate wishes her an early Merry Christmas, brings over a backgammon board and vows to stay neutral when it comes to her, Devon and Elena.

Heads turn as Mike and Paul continue to make a spectacle of themselves; arguing about racquetball and who’s not doing their job properly. Both calm down when a plate of food is brought out. Chris and Lauren smile as their husbands shovel food into their mouths – then share a laugh (seems the spicy food is making Mike and Paul cough and chug drinks)

What’s past is past – we don’t have to worry about Vegas anymore. And Adam thinks it’ll be nice to have someone in town who’s not trying to take him down. Is there anyone, in particular, you’re worried about? Chance asks. Eavesdropping, Phyllis knocks something glass over then joins the boys to warn Chance that it’s only a matter of time before Adam puts a machete in his back.

Mariah and Summer interrogate Faith about the boy she’s interested in. Shown a photo, they deem him cute. How do I make him notice me? Mariah doesn’t have as much experience as Summer (who advises her to be herself) Just be you. We’ll always have your back little sister.

Watching the girls for a bit, Rey notices that Sharon’s checking her phone. He knows she cares about Connor but how much of her concern is about Adam? Sharon says that Adam’s dark and unpredictable – if she can save Connor from following in his Father’s footsteps, she’ll have done her job.

See you around, Phyllis says. Not if I see you first, Adam leaves Society. That leaves Phyllis to say she wants to be Chance’s friend. You have no idea how far I’ll go for a friend. Drink? Chance sits.

Paul and Mike realize they’ve been acting like children – how can they make it up to their wives who deserve so much better? Turns out Lauren and Chris concocted via text while their husbands were bickering. Paul and Mike then go overboard praising one another – we’ll never argue again; they force a hug, smiles and handshakes.

Playing Backgammon at TGP, Nate tells Amanda how they celebrate Christmas as GCM (elves bearing gifts and carollers) She’s not big on Christmas but has been finding ways to fill her evenings.

Back on the CL’s patio, Faith chats with her ‘irreplaceable’ sister. Sharon watches them group hug from inside and insists that she has no feelings for Adam. She’d never risk what she has with Rey; a man who accepts her. Love’s better the second time around ~kiss~

The Baldwins update that Fen’s doing well in recovery He won’t be home for Christmas but should be back to touring soon. Having left the DA’s office, Chris has something else in mind but doesn’t want to jinx it. They toast to friendship.

Still at Society, Phyllis again pesters Chance to fill her in on how he got Adam out of a jam.

Faith leaves the best sisters ever to discuss Theo and Kyle (who Summer insists she’s moved on from)

Inside, Rey leaves Sharon and Faith to chat. She feels like the luckiest Mom.

When Nate asks Amanda if she’s made any friends, she mentions Phyllis. Her life is perfect – I’m killing it every single day (I win)

Chance is experienced in profiling and has no use for Phyllis. I know your kind and I’m not interested – are we clear? Phyllis is left to take the money he leaves for his drink.

Adam’s home and on the phone – how’s the weather in Vegas. She’s still getting her payments right? Silence is expensive but it’s essential.