Thursday, December 19th, 2019

Kyle micromanages Lola as they decorate their Christmas tree. She hopes to find some of Jabot’s Korean skin-care products beneath it. Kyle grumbles about Theo trying to take credit for the line’s success. Did I say Theo? I meant Inexcelsis dey-oooo. Lola can’t help but be amused.

It’s only me, not Lola, Summer says as she appears behind Theo (at Society’s bar) He gripes about Kyle sabotaging him and Summer taking is side – and I think I know why.

At home, Devon notices an extra bounce in Elena’s step. That’s because she’s getting New Year’s Eve off. Good, now Devon can make plans that will make her dreams come true ~kiss~

Meeting Chance on the CL’s patio, Paul’s thanked for his help with the hostage situation. Chris and Heather are great and Chance is looking forward to spending time with Nina. And what did Chance want to talk to Paul about? Private Investigating.

At home, Billy ends a business call. Though wishing his brother was still at Jabot, Jack’s happy that Billy’s enjoying his new job.

Nick strolls into TGP to find Phyllis wrapping gifts in the lounge with her shoes kicked off. She feels at home here because she IS at home – 25% of this place is Phyllandria. Unable to control herself, she makes a few digs about Chelsea. I don’t know why I put up with you, Nick chuckles. Having something to discuss, Phyllis asks him to take a seat.

Phyllis thinks that as co-parents of Summer, she and Nick should discuss where she spends the holidays. She’d like Summer Christmas Day (since she won’t have Daniel and Lucy – and he’ll have Christian, Faith and the rest of the Newmans) Nick will make sure Phyllis gets time with Summer on Christmas Day. What else is going on? he’s suspicious. Phyllis is being nice because she cares about the man she once loved – and she’s a compassionate person – and it’s the holidays – and she’s feeling nostalgic – sue me.

Respecting his decision to leave Jabot, Jack stopped by to discuss Christmas because Billy didn’t return his calls. He’s relieved to hear that his brother’s just been busy with work and the kids; that nothing else is getting in the way? What did you think was getting in the way? Billy gets his back up.

Summer’s not taking Kyle’s side but she thinks Theo should stop obsessing about him and focus on his job. Theo could say the same – it’s obvious to him that Summer’s pining for Kyle. She denies that and that Kyle would sabotage him. And when he wonders why smart, beautiful women keep falling for Kyle’s bull, it suddenly dawns on Summer that Theo has a thing for Lola (which he denies unconvincingly.

Kyle thinks they need a new fridge; bigger, with double doors. That would be a nice Christmas gift but Lola knows what he really wants is to find a new place. Yes, she misses Miami and her family but there’s a lot to be said for winter in Wisconsin; her home is with her husband (who turns the Christmas tree lights on by remote)

Chance feels good about cracking the money laundering case but being undercover for a year is hard. And so, he’s asked the best-ever Private Investigator he knows (Paul) whether it’d be a good move for him (and if he’d be good at it)

Back at the penthouse, Devon stuns Elena by saying he’s taking her to London. He remembers her saying it was on her bucket list.

Asking Billy what his plans are for the holidays, Jack hears that he, Vikki and the kids are going to Telluride. Yes, he has been concerned – you seem distracted and don’t return calls. I’m always here for you. Billy doesn’t need to be rescued – or judged. No, Billy’s not seeing Dr Clay anymore but he is talking to someone.

After some debate on whether Phyllis still has the power to push Nick’s buttons, he invites her to spend some time with him and Summer at the ranch on Christmas Day. That sounds radical and crazy – Phyllis is in. Chelsea arrives and is not happy to see them laughing.

You’re trying to blame our break up on my feelings for Lola – when it was your never-ending love for Kyle since day one, Theo argues. Summer kinda feels sorry for Theo – you’ll never get her. Focus on your job so you don’t screw up again. You need to be all in with this type of job – decide whether you are.

Looking at the Christmas tree, Lola talks a bit about her absentee Dad and Kyle confides that he misses his Mom. We are the constants in each others lives ~kiss~

When Chelsea comes over, Phyllis takes a few jabs at her. What did I tell you about no drama? Nick scolds. See you Christmas Day, Phyllis purrs as she exits with her bag of wrapped gifts. Now alone, Chelsea apologizes for being too busy to see Nick. No need to explain, Nick asks how Connor’s doing. Better – no nightmares – but Chelsea squirms when he brings up spending Christmas Day together. Wait, we are going to spend Christmas together, right?