Monday, December 23rd, 2019

At TGP, Vikki hopes she hasn’t forgotten anything – The cabin’s been decorated, the gifts have been shipped ski lessons arranged etc. She just wants everything to be perfect. Yeah, I know, Billy’s put on the spot when Amanda walks over to introduce herself. So you two know each other? Vikki cues awkward silence.

Summer finds Nick putting gifts under the tree. Hearing that Adam will be at the ranch for Christmas, she wastes no time calling her Mom – we have a situation.

Phyllis isn’t happy to hear that Nick’s extending an olive branch for the sake of Connor and Christian. Let’s just make our own plans, Summer suggests. No – Phyllis knows what she has to do.

At the penthouse, Chelsea understands that Adam wants to spoil Connor since it’s the first Christmas he’ll be with him in years. This feels so normal, so real. That’s because it is, Adam wants to take Connor to his Mom’s farm. Tomorrow. And he wants Chelsea to come too.

We’ve run into each other around town a bit, Billy explains as Phyllis comes over to invite Amanda over to the bar for a drink. She seems nice, Vikki’s left to comment. At the bar, Phyllis makes it clear that she has no love for Vikki. Drinks ordered, Amanda says to put it on her tab – she hasn’t had to pay for hers lately. Who is he? Phyllis is curious.

Summer asks Theo what he’s doing in Jabot’s CEO office after hours.

Did Connor say that he didn’t want to go to the ranch for Christmas? Adam knows what his son wants; a special Christmas with his family. Imagine the look on his face when he hears we’re flying to Kansas. Chelsea suspects Adam’s just avoiding seeing Nick. Undeterred, Adam continues to paint the picture of sharing a perfect holiday.

Summer’s not accusing Theo of anything – it’s just weird that he’s at Jabot on Christmas Eve. Spill. Theo admits that he’s trying to distract himself from turning down Jack and Traci’s offer to spend Christmas with the Abbott’s. Summer understands.

Back at TGP, Vikki and Billy reminisce about closing their eyes and jumping spontaneously into marriage on a Jamaican beach. We’ve had lots of ups and downs. Vikki feels they know each other so well. Inner Billy disagrees. As Amanda watches them leave, Phyllis interrogates Amanda on her social life. She agrees that life is complicated. Doing the right thing usually blows up in her face. Leaving her drink, Phyllis needs to go do something and she can’t put it off.

In the office, Theo pitches an idea for a contest to increase Jabot’s online presence and PR. Liking it, Summer wants to get started right away. No, we don’t need Kyle’s input. Theo suspects her job is to save Kyle from a bruised ego.