Monday, December 23rd, 2019

Phyllis is at Nick’s to inform that she thinks it best if she and Summer spend Christmas morning together and then she can join the Newmans. OK, Phyllis will be damned if she’s gonna sing Christmas carols with Adam.

Chelsea can’t go along with Adam’s plan. He assumes it’s because she’s afraid of how she’ll feel revisiting the place they exchanged their wedding vows. I love you, he confesses.

Billy wheels the kids’ luggage into the living room – he’s got everything under control. Vikki updates that the pilot’s waiting. She’s so excited. Billy is too – this is exactly what we need ~kiss~ But pulling his phone out of his pocket, he frowns at it – oh no.

Chelsea thinks the lines are blurred because Adam’s worried about Connor. No, Adam knows exactly how he feels – do you?

Adam doesn’t know what it means to be a friend, Phyllis has realized. What did he do? Nick wonders. He wanted me to seduce you – thinking Chelsea would go running back into his arms, Phyllis finally blurts out.

Summer sets Theo straight – listing the reasons why Kyle’s not threatened by him. You just don’t want to see him and Lola enjoy their first Christmas together. She also finds it interesting that Lola lets Theo hang around – knowing Kyle wouldn’t like it.

Ending his call, Billy updates Vikki that he needs to close a multi-million dollar deal. No, Vikki shouldn’t postpone the flight. Go with the kids – I’ll be there in the morning, he promises.

Nick’s pissed – Adam’s as stupid as he is despicable. And why didn’t Phyllis tell him right away? She didn’t want to be the one to blow things up this time. And you told me to butt out of your relationship with Chelsea. Would you have believed me or suspected my motives? Yeah, thought so, she says when Nick doesn’t deny it.

Chelsea does feel something for Adam – we’re connected because of Connor – but I love Nick, she insists – and asks Adam to accept that.

Don’t stir up trouble where there isn’t any, Theo warns Summer. You just wish something was going on between me and Lola because that would open the door for you and Kyle. Fine, Summer will drop it – but if she’s right, the truth WILL come out eventually. Without further word, Theo marches out.

Vikki will be counting the minutes until she sees Billy in Telluride. You’re everything I want and need. Inner Billy wonders if he can be that man. I don’t want to lose you ~hug~

Not only doesn’t Chelsea think they should go to the farm, she doesn’t think the three of them should go to the ranch. Adam asks where she’ll be when her son wakes up Christmas morning – at Nick’s or here?

Nick believes Phyllis – we’ve come a long way. Now that he knows Adam’s plan, he might be able to convince Chelsea to come home. What will he do with this information? Use it against Adam – this time he won’t win. As she leaves, both look troubled.