Tuesday, December 24th, 2019

At the Abbott home, Ashley thanks Traci for putting her favourite chocolates on her pillow. It’s wonderful that she and Jack could make things work.

Billy’s on his phone at home, trying to push this deal through so he can join his family in Colorado – let’s get this done. I’ll be awaiting your call. He then sends Amanda a text – he missed his flight and is stuck in GC overnight. Amanda’s seen this movie – watch out for bad guys breaking in. Jack’s appearance startles him – come on, he invites Billy out to dinner.

Abby has closed Society for a private event – the Abbott family Christmas Eve dinner. Kyle appears with the floral centrepiece and a kiss for Lola.

At CL’s, Mike’s looking forward to attending the Abbott’s gathering – after dinner, they can go home and open presents. Lauren’s feeling a bit down because Fen’s not there when he calls. Yes, he got the money they sent and has put it to good use. Both are thrilled when Fen arrives for hugs.

Realizing Vikki must have called Jack, Billy reluctantly agrees to join the Abbott’s for dinner. I’ll be right behind you. Alone again, Billy sighs when getting a text from Amanda – inviting him out for Thai.

Back at the house, Traci and Ashley agree that a simple family breakfast tomorrow will be better for Dina than tonight’s overwhelming dinner. As for Kyle and Theo? They’re making an effort. That means things are still tense, Ashley chuckles.

Back at Society, Kyle’s a bit annoyed that Lola’s only no telling him that Theo has plans tonight – since they’ve been texting on and off all day. Do you want to read all my texts now? Lola thinks Kyle should be a bit more sympathetic. He’s alone and uncomfortable with the family – partly because of you. We’re so lucky, Kyle gives her a kiss. I forgive you, Lola leaves him looking puzzled.

Fen has good news – he was released from rehab a week ago and moved to a halfway house. He’s honest about his relapse being bad so stayed in a bit longer. His heartfelt apology is accepted by his proud parents. We love you – nothing will change that. Come along for dinner and surprise a few people. Fen’s up for it.

Traci, Ashley, Abby, Jack, Kyle and Lola get the party started with drinks and catching up. They’re still waiting for the Baldwins – and Billy. The was invited but he has other plans. Kyle’s offer to call him is politely declined (but impresses Lola) Aside, Ashley wonders if she’s the reason Billy left Jabot. Jack assures it’s not.

Billy leaves a message for Vikki – he’s about to go join Jack and the family for dinner; that’ll keep him out of trouble. See you soon. Love you ~click~ He then texts Amanda – he’s going to a family thing but how about cards later?