Tuesday, December 24th, 2019

After all toast ‘to Fen’! Ashley invites Lauren to Paris (Fen will tag along) Mike and Jack clink glasses. Kyle comes out to hug Fen – who greets Lola and congratulates them. All are laughing as Loa wipes lipstick off Kyle’s face when Billy arrives to join the merriment. What a nice surprise to see Fen. He looks uncomfortable when Fen shares his struggle with addiction. Jack toasts (and lists) the success stories in the room – then those who’re missing; Dina and Neil. Tou continued health and happiness – Merry Christmas, all echo and clink glasses.

Sealing his deal on the phone, Billy rejoins the group as Lauren’s talking about what an adjustment it was for her to work with Jill (relating to Kyle working with Theo) After a long day of cooking, Lola’s tired. Traci hands out gifts. All applaud as Traci hands out inscribed copies of her latest novel. More applause for Lola and Kyle as they leave. Abby updates her Mom that she’s enjoying getting to know Chance (who’s visiting Nina) Billy asks Mike to give Kevin and Chloe his best regards and getting a text from Amanda, bids everyone farewell and exits. Thanking the Abbotts, the Baldwins leave after a flourish of hugs. Outside, Fen gifts his parents with a compass and a touching speech about its significance.

Kyle and Lola are alone at last and at home. Gift time. World’s Best Restaurants. An airplane – this voucher is good for a trip for two to any of the. Lola thinks it goes perfectly with her gift. Kyle opens a framed photo of a night sky. It’s Idaho’s Dark Sky Reserve. 900,000 acres where light is restricted. She booked a cabin ~kiss~

Billy got all his work done and will be in Colorado to open presents with Katie. Merry Christmas. Put your Mom on the phone. He tells Vikki that dinner was good – everyone sends their love. He’s going to bed so he’ll be up for his early flight. After I love you’s, Billy hangs up and re-reads Amanda’s text.

At the Abbott mansion, Dina’s delighted to be fussed over by her three kids and Abby. She can’t wait to see what’s inside the gift in her lap.

After Jack ready Twas the Night Before Christmas, he’s praised for bringing Dina tonight. If only he’d arranged carollers. Traci sings Oh Come All Ye Faithfull.

Looking depressed, Billy’s at home playing cards with himself and drinking a beer.

Fen, Mike and Lauren are having fun on the CL’s patio.

Jack, Ashley, Abby and Dina end the song with Traci and wish each other Merry Christmas.