Friday, December 27th, 2019

Pausing to hug outside, Mariah and Tessa proceed inside Society to find a bunch of wrapped gifts at an empty table. Theo joins them to hear that they do indeed plan to be Christmas elves – and return the gifts to whoever they belong to.

Returning to the penthouse, Connor, a bundle in his arms, runs in ahead of Chelsea and Adam. He’s determined to save the half-frozen kitten they found abandoned at the park.

Nate and Elena have an awkward conversation at the hospital. Neither are ready to budge on their stance on Amanda. Elena distrusts the woman and Nate thinks she and Devon are wrong about her.

After a day of skating, Bella’s home with Ester. Kevin and Chloe are at CL’s feeling sorry for a depressed-looking Santa who comes in to take a seat.

Wearing her horse-riding gear, Nikki carries a basket into the living room to show Victor what’s inside – a baby!

The kitty-cicle now in a blanket-covered box by the fireplace, Connor again checks that it’s breathing (with his Mom’s compact mirror) He’s still alive! No, it’s too cold outside to take him to the vet, he protests. Come on – wake up Oliver, he encourages. Chelsea’s visibly worried that her son’s bonded with a kitten that might not live.

Mariah’s idea to have Rey dust the gifts for fingerprints is rejected, Theo checks the gifts for tags – but there aren’t any. We don’t need your help, Mariah wonders why he’s at Society alone anyway? Claiming that he’s between gatherings and ignoring the girls’ pessimism, Theo finds a patch stitched to the bottom of the gift bag; New Enterprises.

Nikki’s heart is broken at finding the baby girl abandoned on a bale of hay – she needs to be seen by a doctor. But not the paramedics – this baby can’t be put into ‘the system’ on Christmas Day!

(The show did not air new episodes Wednesday or Thursday)

Agreeing to disagree on the subject of Amanda, Nate takes a call from Victor. I’ll be right there, he hangs up to ask Elena to help him at the ranch.

Chloe and Kevin take a seat with ‘Santa’ to hear his troubles – he worked so hard on his beard and outfit and wants to do his best for the kids. He loves his 13-15 hours a day at Fenmore’s – but with Christmas over, Santa has no purpose until next year.

Mariah, Tessa and Theo speculate that NE employees may have left their gifts behind after the company party. In that case, Theo suggests they open them – maybe this one’s a watch or a tablet! Mariah grabs the gift from his hands – let’s get back to figuring out what to do with them.

Victor chortles as Nikki holds the crying baby girl Dr Nate and Elena are examining.

Please wake up, Connor pleads as Chelsea brings over mugs of hot chocolate. As their son goes to get a saucer of milk, she and Adam worry – what if Oliver doesn’t wake up? We need to hope for the best and prepare Connor for the worst. Is he awake? Connor returns with a bowl.

After Chloe provides Santa with a refill, a sympathetic ear and some advice on how not to be alone, Kevin returns to CL’s with a gaggle of kids. The ‘I love you’s’ and hugs immediately lift Santa’s spirits.

Dr Nate and Elena still tending to the baby, Nikki wonders who/where her parents are. Victor takes a quick call – security found a woman on the outskirts of the property. Joy! Come here! a woman runs in to take the baby and take a seat on the sofa to cradle her. It’s OK sweet girl – I’m here now.

The woman introduces herself as Sasha and this is Joy. Reassured that no one will judge her, Sasha shares her tale of woe. Joy’s Father isn’t in the picture – she’s had health issues so couldn’t work – was kicked out of her apartment, living in an abandoned car and has no family that can help. Sasha wanted Joy to have a better life than she can provide but changed her mind and came back for her. The most important thing is love – Nikki has a connection to a charity (inspired by Kathy, another Mother she met who was in need) All Sasha has to do is say yes?’yes’.

Mariah and Tessa are going to the ranch – to return the gifts to the billionaire. It’s been a treat, as always, Mariah sarcastically tells Theo. I think he might be alone, Tessa prods Mariah into inviting him along. Theo declines – I DO have plans, he lies and is left to sit alone at Society.

Open your eyes, Connor frets over his boxed kitten. Chelsea and Adam call him over – even if it’s too late they think it sweet that he’s trying so hard. We need to face the fact that the kitten might not wake up. Connor shushes his parents – he’s awake! Chelsea and Adam are relieved when Connor pulls the mewing kitten out of the box.

We think this belongs to you, Mariah and Tessa are at the ranch. What’s all this? Victor grunts – these aren’t corporate gifts – these are toys for sick kids at GCM. Yes, Mariah and Tessa will deliver them and don’t want payment. That’s very kind, Merry Christmas, Victor leaves Mariah to reject Tessa’s idea that they go fetch Theo – he has a party to get to (but is sitting alone at Society)

Back at CL’s, Santa takes a break from the kids to thank Chloe and Kevin. Their idea to volunteer at the children’s centre is perfect. What’s his real name? Frank. Their work here done, Kevin suggests they get back to Bella. One minute – Chloe has one more gift for him.

Chelsea and Adam praise Connor for not giving up on Oliver and think his idea to donate his allowance to the animal shelter a good one. They have a moment alone to agree that Connor’s turned a corner. Chelsea’s glad she stayed; she’s where she needs to be. Adam knows he and Connor wouldn’t have gotten through this without her.

Carrying his boxed kitten to the door, Connor’s happy when his Dad says he can keep it (once the vet checks him out) Yes, Chelsea’s coming – taking a moment to smile to herself, she grabs her purse and follows.

On the CL’s patio, Chloe has a present for Kevin. He opens a gift box to find a pair of baby booties and after more than a few hints, is thrilled to realize that Chloe’s pregnant. Guess what – we’re having a baby? he pulls Chloe inside the coffee house for a kiss and applause.

Joy declared perfectly healthy, Sasha now has faith that there are good people out there. As they put their coats on, Elena thanks Nate for bringing her along. They leave agreeing not to butt heads over Amanda. Victor’s fine with Nikki going along with Sasha and Joy. Oh, how lucky we are ~kiss/hug~ I love you.

My Thoughts: Why the heck is former fashionista Chelsea wearing jeggings-shorts? On Christmas Day no less! And if Victor could persuade a doctor and nurse to make a house call, Adam and Chelsea couldn’t manage to do the same with a vet? What if Oliver died? How would that affect Connor’s Christmas? And could they not have stopped for some latex gloves? What if the kitten had ticks, fleas – or worse, rabies? That all said, Oliver sure looks good for a stray kitten who was half frozen/dead. Adam might want to have the pleasure of changing a cat’s litter a few times before agreeing it can stay at the penthouse…. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again – how incompetent are is the Newman ranch security team? The woman they failed to notice until she was RETURNING to the ranch, could have left a basket of explosives for all they know. She mentioned the high gate – so, how did she access the property? It’s nice that Nikki doesn’t want to judge this young Mother – but what if her health issues are mental issues? Perhaps she shouldn’t be responsible for Joy’s health and wellbeing. Kinda surprising that Nate wouldn’t insist on filing some kind of report. He’s lucky to be able to practice still – does he really want to risk his licence AGAIN for the Newmans? If Sasha changes her mind again, whatever she does with Joy is on them….. Theo may be a social media whiz and all but even I can tell that box he’s holding doesn’t contain a tablet. Why isn’t there any other staff to ask about the mysterious gifts? Society was closed for a private event Christmas Eve. If it’s open Christmas Day (God knows why) there should be staff onsite… Oh great – a baby or Chloe and Kevin. At least this time there shouldn’t be any question that Kevin’s her Father.