Monday, December 30th, 2019

Greeting Jack at Society, Phyllis doesn’t think he should be at all ‘surprised’ that she wanted to see one of her favourite exes as the new year approaches. She praises his blue eyes, square jaw and smile that makes women swoon. Of course, Phyllis isn’t hitting on Jack – she’s just excited about kicking the old year to the curb. His question about her war with Adam is answered by the frosty look they share when Adam departs the bar.

Chelsea’s sorry she’s late getting to Nick’s – she was getting toys for Connor’s new kitten. Yes, Nick heard about that and has news of his own – on how far Adam’s willing to go to blow up their relationship.

Theo and Summer pitch their social media campaign to Kyle. Good job, ‘Jabot Cares’ is a go. No that wasn’t painful for him (but he does appreciate Theo and Summer working well together despite their break up) Hey everyone – who’s hungry? Lola’s appearance is enthusiastically welcomed by Theo; Kyle and Summer, not so much.

Devon gets a call from Jill. She’s at TGP now but will come by the penthouse in a bit – we have a lot to talk about. Hanging up, she calls Chance over ~hug~ What’s with the suitcase? After chit chat about his visit with Nina and her (and Cane’s) unsuccessful search for Collin in Australia, Jill’s alarmed to hear that Chance gave up his job with the feds to go into the private sector (in GC) What the hell are you thinking!?

Admitting that she overreacted just a little, Jill wonders if working in the private sector will be as satisfying as ‘saving the world’ – but after Abby comes over for a few flirtatious words, a chuckling Jill no longer wonders why Chance is sticking around.

Adam comes over to exchange pleasantries with Jack. Yes, he had a great Christmas; one of his best ever in fact. Did Santa give you everything you wanted? Phyllis snarls. No, but you know me – anything’s possible in the new year, Adam leaves her to vow to Jack that he WILL be sorry, trust me.

Informed that Adam tried to get Phyllis to seduce Nick, Chelsea thinks that insane. You believe her?! She likes to stir up trouble as much as Adam. Not this time – Nick had to practically drag it out of Phyllis – she’s furious that Adam asked her to prostitute herself. He wants you and Connor to live with him permanently and will do anything to make that happen. It doesn’t matter that Nick heard this a couple of days ago and didn’t say anything. What are we going to do about it NOW?

You can ‘barge in’ anytime you like, Kyle informs Lola as she hands out food containers. Of course she brought Theo’s new favourite (which he taste-tested the other day at Society) Kyle looks even more uncomfortable when Lola goes on to say that she really owes Theo for helping her out.

Chance is dating Abby – sort of – but it’s nothing serious – just fun – no commitment. Yes, Jill remembers fun – vaguely. If Chance is happy so is she. I’ll be meddling in your life; a pain in your ass, she announces. Yes, Chance is sure this is what he wants ~hug~

Declining to confide what Adam did to her, Phyllis’s eyes glisten as she admits she burned a lot of bridges – and now wants to rebuild the ones that matter. That’s why she wanted to see Jack tonight – his friendship means a lot.

Chelsea will go tell Adam what she thinks of him – alone (though Nick wants them to confront him as a team) She worries punches will be thrown – please understand. OK, but Nick has some advice – don’t let your emotions get the better of you. Don’t worry – Chelsea knows EXACTLY what she’s going to say to Adam (and marches out)

Jill drops by Devon’s to sympathize – she knows his first Christmas without Neil must have been hard – you don’t have to pretend with me.

As Kyle and Lola kiss outside the office, Theo and Summer needle one another about being jealous. I’m going to take off now, Lola returns to the office to grab her purse. Summer will walk her out. That leaves the boys. No, Theo’s not ‘dismissed’ – Kyle has unfinished business to discuss.

Snapped out of his distraction, Jack’s thinking of (and lists) all he and Phyllis have been to each other. I was horrible to you – cheating on you with Billy of all people, she again apologizes. It’s amazing how the heart can heal, Jack’s put any anger behind him and is happy to be running Jabot with Kyle, the family’s doing well – I feel blessed. There’s someone out there for both of us, he’s sure. Jack knows the weepy Phyllis is at loose ends and wants the best for her; a fulfilling job and good friends. Yes, like me. I’m going to be OK, Phyllis forces a smile through tears – assuring that she WILL find happiness.

Confirming that Connor’s with the sitter, Chelsea wastes no time confronting Adam at the penthouse. Yes, Adam asked Phyllis to sleep with Nick. It was a cheap move he wishes he could take back. But I can’t, so will you let me explain?

Devon confides that he still half-expected Neil to walk through the door with Christmas gifts. Spending time with Lily and the kids was nice but things will never quite be the same – Elena had to work but we’re taking off to London tonight. Both are eager to put 2019 behind them. Jill’s determined to help Devon get his money back – Cane’s still looking for Collin. Devon’s not convinced he’s on their side.

Back at TGP, Abby and Chance continue to flirt. He’s intrigued by whatever she has to ask of him but when she’s called away he’s left without so much as one tiny, little hint.

Phyllis is delighted to run into another of her favourite exes at CL’s. Inviting her to sit, Nick updates that an outraged Chelsea is at the penthouse laying into Adam right now. Phyllis correctly guesses that he’s worried that Adam will somehow manage to worm his way out of it.

Adam was angry that day they found out they’d have to find another school for Connor. Oh, that explains everything! Chelsea’s sarcastic – did you really think Nick would jump into bed with Phyllis!? YOU decided my relationship with him wasn’t real – YOU decided that I belonged here! Adam’s glad Phyllis turned him down – he should have been honest about his feelings for Chelsea. I love you. Every minute you’re away from me and with Nick is like a knife in my heart.

Chelsea shouldn’t be surprised – this isn’t out of character for Adam. And to involve Phyllis for God’s sake! Adam corrects her assumption that Phyllis jumped at the chance – she’s as angry as you are and won’t forgive me. Is that what you want from me? Chelsea scoffs – forgiveness? How does she know this isn’t just a way for Adam to get back at Nick? It’s not me you want, it’s Connor’s Mother. Adam disagrees – he wants everything – what we had years ago – we were ready to leave GC, the three of us. He can’t let the opportunity go by without a fight – can you?

Nick worries that Adam will use Chelsea’s one weakness; Connor – but would rather talk about anything else. Phyllis relays her chat with Jack. Then similarly praises Nick (who remained her friend while Adam treated her like garbage) Summer’s pleased to find her parents laughing together – what’s going on?

Kyle has concerns about the new project but denies it has anything to do with it being Theo’s idea. He’s NOT ‘threatened as hell’. It’s important to Jack, Summer and Lola that we get along, Kyle adds that this is business – projects get critiqued. As an angry Theo rants about Kyle trusting him in New York (a subject Kyle will NOT discuss) Jack arrives to ask what he walked in on.

Seemingly accepting Kyle and Theo’s insistence that they’ve worked out a business-related issue, Jack needs a word alone with Kyle (who looks worried as Theo exits without further word)

Not seeing eye to eye with Jill on Cane, Devon’s not so much concerned with whether or not he’s innocent – or the money. He doesn’t like that Collin violated Kay’s last wishes. He and whoever’s involved will pay for that.

Business out of the way, Abby joins Chance at the bar to ask her question – she’s throwing a New Year’s Eve party and inviting both sides of her family since the Abbott’s and Newman’s are in a ‘non-conflict phase’. Yes, he’d love to be her date.

After some jokes about the drum set Christian got for Christmas, Nick has to leave to attend to some New Hope business. You want Dad back – again, Summer accuses. Phyllis denies it – your Dad and I are friends. His life’s too complicated already, trust me.

This is real – you know that, Adam implores Chelsea to look at him. Nobody knows me the way you do – you know I love you. Sure, you care about Nick and feel safe with him – but with me, you can feel whole. Chelsea looks like she might be buying it.