Thursday, September 10th, 2019

Please, Adam, open the door, Chelsea pleads outside – Sharon’s a deer in the headlights, trapped inside.

Billy calls Alyssa to introduce himself and propose a possible opportunity for her at ChanceCom. He’d be happy to fly her out to GC to discuss it. No need, I’m in town. When and where?

Chelsea continues to blather on, then peeks through the blinds. I adore you and so does your son. She’s surprised when Adam comes along. I was talking to you through the door, she’s relieved he’s not giving her the silent treatment. Can we go inside? Sharon’s increasingly alarmed.

When Chance comes by the hotel, Abby announces great news – Phyllis is buying her out. Let’s celebrate a peaceful future with some bubbly.

Finding the motel room depressing, Adam would rather they go out for coffee. Inviting him to come home, Chelsea’s told to go ahead while Adam grabs his jacket (and look around for Sharon; who tiptoes out of the bathroom to exhale in relief after he’s gone)

Over champagne, Abby explains that she doesn’t want to battle Nick’s girlfriend. She’d rather be oblivious to all the drama going on around her. Chance would like to speak to her upstairs. Lead the way, she grins and follows.

At CL’s, Alyssa informs that she’s in town to follow up on a story. Billy offers to clear some of her ‘roadblocks’. Asked why Vikki’d sell part of her family company to her ex, Billy says why not? Yeah, Alyssa can see that Vikki’s a lot like her Father. Now, what do you (and she) want?

Back at the penthouse, Adam declines food – it’s the last thing on his mind. You’re home, you can relax, Chelsea encourages – then blurts out that she knows Sharon’s been coming to see him. Chance told you, Adam’s sorry – it must have hurt finding out that Sharon knew where I was. Chelsea supports whatever helps Adam heal – so, is it helping?

Sharon creeps through her front door. Oh, you’re still here, she didn’t realize Rey was going to wait til she came home. He didn’t think she’d be this long. Sharon’s sorry, and exhausted. Rey updated Mariah so she wouldn’t have to. See you tomorrow, he shrugs into his jacket. No, he doesn’t want to stay over – it’s best this way. Wait, Sharon needs to tell him something.

Billy relays what he knows via Vikki; that Alyssa’s digging into her Father’s death. Victor covered for his eleven-year-old son; your childhood friend, Adam (who killed your Father). Adam’s no longer a friend, Alyssa’s quick to correct – she wants to see him burn for what he’s done. That changes everything, Billy replies.

You thought I brought you up here to fool around? briefly amused, Chance gets serious as he tells Abby that he spoke to Adam and Alyssa tonight; they’re on a collision course. He worries what that might mean for a lot of people, especially Abby.

Billy asks what outlets Alyssa’s spoken to. None, due to the NDA Adam had her sign. She also gave him all her evidence (which he no doubt destroyed) The coroner in Kansas has mysteriously left town (Victor’s handiwork, they agree) George won’t talk; he’s loyal to Victor. Looks like Alyssa won’t be able to tell that story but there’s other stories; other crimes. Old news, they’ve been covered already – unless you have anything new, Billy’s intrigued.

Only you, me, Chelsea and Adam know what happened in Vegas – we can stonewall Alyssa, Abby’s sure. Chance worries about other people with suspicions, like Phyllis. Abby wonders why Alyssa has it in for Adam; do they have a history? Chance has said all he can about the man he owes his life to. I have to stand by Adam, you don’t. Abby might want to think about getting out while the gettin’s good.