Thursday, September 10th, 2019

Guessing that Rey already knows, Sharon admits that she didn’t go out alone to think. Tonight and this afternoon, she went to check on Adam. Rey’s not interested in hearing how concerned she is about Adam’s mental state. Does she care at all about HIS mental state? Sharon’s apology is weak. Does it stop right now? Rey needs to know.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s helping, Adam told Sharon to focus on her own health instead of his. And when Chelsea asks why he’s putting up walls, Adam has something to say that she deserves to know.

Alyssa is indeed working on a juicy story about Adam (aka Spider) But people in Vegas are pretty tight-lipped. Knowing a bit about that world, Billy offers the assistance of ChanceCom’s deep pockets. No thanks, Alyssa declines.

Adam now believes that after what he did, he was never going to be able to win his Father’s approval – and if Chelsea doesn’t believe that she’s blind, like the rest of Victor’s sycophants. Listing a few of the people he’s hurt, Adam snarls that his Father had the key all along. You don’t know what’s in my soul, he alarms Chelsea by describing how the darkness overtakes him.

Sharon had a professional obligation to protect Adam’s privacy; he left his family and is all alone. Rey can’t be OK with this but won’t argue with her. We’re both tired, he storms out.

I’m radioactive – dangerous to you right now, Chance wants Abby to take a step back. Are you breaking up with me? she’s on the verge of tears.

You’re breaking up with me because of Adam? Abby’s then reminded of what Chance has ‘dragged her into’. Blah, blah, blah. It’s a false alarm – I don’t ever want to lose you, he gushes.

Billy will do whatever he can to make sure Alyssa’s story gets the light of day. Vikki doesn’t know I’m talking to you – all that matters is we both hate Adam. Alyssa knows about his daughter’s death – is this about revenge?

Have you and Sharon been working on controlling your anger? No, we didn’t get that far, Adam continues to agonize – and cuts Chelsea off; the more time that goes by, the more intense the darkness inside him gets. Accept the inevitable; surrender to it. Surrender how? Chelsea’s bewildered.

Don’t push me away again. Abby concludes that Chance came off as a jerk, not noble as he’d hoped. You’re an action guy, not a word guy – next time just show me how you feel. What did you have in mind? he asks.

To be honest, this type of revenge is something Billy would have done in the past. It took a long time to come to terms with Delia’s death – revenge offers no comfort; Adam’s a menace with the ability to suck people in before they realize that. You’re a trained investigative journalist, savvy – and yet he used you as a weapon to bludgeon his own family. Billy will do whatever it takes to put Adam in jail or warn the public what he’s capable of. Alyssa will need his resources to bring him down.

Talking to Faith on the phone, Sharon lies about why Rey’s not there. Hanging up with ‘I love you’s’, she struggles with the impulse to call Adam.

You’re not listening to me, Adam’s firm – this is who I am now. I can’t be the man who proposed to you; loving each other and raising our son. It wouldn’t be fair to you and Connor; we can’t be together now, not ever, he devastates Chelsea.

Next week: I’ll be back in a while, Rey exits. What just happened? Mariah’s left to wonder. Sharon may have just ruined everything … I hope you’re working out a way to stop that reporter from snooping around Adam and Chance, Abby surprises Chelsea by saying – or do you think that’s not a problem ??… Nate got the results of the DNA test, Amanda’s at Devon’s apartment. What does it say? he asks.