Tuesday, December 31st, 2019

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happy new year!!

Uninvited, Adam sits with Phyllis at TGP. The ‘pep in his step’ is all thanks to her running to blab to Nick – who blabbed to Chelsea – who didn’t move out of the penthouse. When Phyllis denies wanting Nick, concludes that it must be easier to give up than fail.

Planning to spend New Years Eve with her family, Vikki pouts when hearing that Billy has to meet a client. He’ll be there to kiss her at midnight though. Vikki recalls saving him from the curb years ago. If only you didn’t think me a man in need of being saved, he sighs to himself.

Back at home, it’s Nick’s birthday and he wants to celebrate it discussing Adam (and why Chelsea didn’t move out after confronting him)

Phyllis tells spineless troll Adam that not everyone wants to relive failed relationships. This will be the year everything changes, she vows.

Nick and Chelsea continue to butt heads over Adam then agree to meet uo later at Society.

The more Vikki blathers on the more Billy looks uncomfortable but can’t bring himself to tell her.

Chance drops by the penthouse to update that he left the bureau but wu still investigate his case. Elena left her phone behind. Devon reads that the baby she treated the other day is sick. He and Chance run out.

Returning to the penthouse, Chelsea seems touched that Adam bought a bunch of cat stuff – but living there is giving him and Connor false hope.

On the patio, Phyllis joins Nick celebrating with Faith and Summer. No, she will NOT be going to Abbys party.

More of Billy making faces as he hugs an oblivious Vikki.

After the girls go inside, Phyllis gives Nick baseball tickets. Inside, she decides to go to Abbys party after eyeing Chances butt. See you there.

At Memorial, Devon consoles Sasha. Her baby will be fine. Elena comes in to say Joy will be fine.

Adam works on Chelsea until shes so confused she allows him to kiss her.

You have a good man here, Sasha tells Elena.

After Vikki leaves the house, Billy texts Amanda.

Sending Faith inside, Summer asks Nick whats really going on with Chelsea.

You cant do that, Chelsea pushes Adam away. Leaving to rerurn to Nick, shes not happy to hear that Adams going to Abbys party too.