Wednesday, January 1st, 2020

Society festively decorated, Abby greets Nikki and Victor. Tonight will an unforgettable night, she also greets Kyle and Jack – so pleased that to be ringing in the new year with both her families. Kyle heads to the kitchen, leaving the foursome to chat.

Perfect timing, Chelsea’s met at the door to give Nick her coat. Chance arrives at the same time – shall we? Nick’s wished a happy birthday by his parents. Abby and Jack gush about bringing the two families together. Abby jokes that Chance can keep the peace if necessary. And here’s Adam.

The kitchen staff are taking over – Lola’s all Kyle’s for the rest of the night. His smile vanishes when he looks over at Summer laughing loudly – and meets Theo’s stare.

Abby’s invited Adam in hopes of starting 2020 off with a clean slate. Phyllis glares at Adam (who likes that idea and goes to get a drink) Nick excuses himself to have a with Phyllis – who then takes Chelsea off for a sec. Abby apologizes to Nick for inviting Adam. He suspects she didn’t have much of a choice. What’d I miss? Vikki appears.

Sorry I’m not more talkative, Billy’s devouring peanuts at the bar with Amanda. He feels like he can be himself with her. She feels the same way.

After Sharon puts a party hat on Rey’s head, Mariah and Tessa arrive at CL’s. It’s no hardship for Mariah to ‘give up’ New Year’s Eve – she hears the entertainment is going to rock.

Bookings are down at TGP but Phyllis really summoned Chelsea over to save her from an awkward situation – and discuss her leading Adam and Nick on. Summer scolds her Mom. Told that she’s not after Nick again, she wonders if Phyllis is on to someone new. Chance is in the background.

Theo accosts Kyle to needle him – here’s to the future, he clinks his glass.

No time for spellcheck. I’ve watched enough TV for the day and it’s already a day late.

There’s tension between Nick and Chelsea but Victor and Adam are getting along. Victor’s new Year’s resolution? To keep better track of his medication. Both chuckle. Across the room, Vikki confides her concern to her Mom – agreeing it’s a good idea that she suggests Billy attend a meeting; she wouldn’t want him to backslide.

At the bar, Amanda tells Billy about a roadtrip she took with an old friend one summer. Billy thinks that leaving the family company’s the best thing he’s ever done. Why? Tell me the whole truth, nothing but the truth. he feels alive, for the first time in a long time.

Sharon admires the ring Mariah bought Tessa for Christmas; beautiful, like the two of you. She then joins some customers and Rey; she’s doing the community a good service by staying open late tonight.

Back at the bar, Billy and Amanda continue to bond.

Phyllis sashays over to Chance – great party – does Abby know about Vegas? No, she guesses – she might see you as dangerous. Phyllis likes danger – and she can keep a secret, if sh
Nikki and Adam chat talk about Connor. Oh, by the way – she called Walnut Grove.

Nick confides in Jack – I’m losing Chelsea. We hardly spend time together – things are awkward; like she’s with me because I’m safe; she’s obligated.