Wednesday, January 1st, 2020

Victor commands everyone’s attention – it’s time for a toast.

Victor’s toast includes kind words for Jack, their hostess Abby and Nikki. To new chapters to our story, Jack joins in – this evening is one of many anniversaries, he talks about love. The most powerful force on earth. When two people are meant to be together, nothing can stand in their way. Theo looks at Kyle and Lola – Summer looks at him. To Victor and Nikki, Jack signals applause. Vikki’s too busy frowning at her phone to participate.

Billy praises Amanda for being strong enough to stay in town. She’d love to not have to feel the need to be in control – this is the only place she doesn’t feel she’s putting on an act. Billy feels the same way. Billy has to go – you have my number if you need anything. Happy New Year. Happy New Year, she’s left to smile alone.

Chelsea catches up with Nick for a quiet word. Leaving GC as she did was a mistake – she didn’t deserve the second chance he gave her. What you deserve is to be happy, Nick thinks she should be with Adam.

Give it up for Sharon Newman, Tessa commands applause from the audience then performs a song that has a lovestruck Mariah about to dissolve into a puddle. As soon as Tessa warbles the last note, she strides in to kiss her.

Theo and Lola have a nice chat about food. He’s trying to get her to dance when Kyle takes note. Summer runs over to drag Theo onto the dancefloor. What are you doing??

Nick wants Chelsea to have the life she wanted with Adam and Connor before that cabin blew up. I have to let you go – can you do the same for me? Thank you for everything you’ve done? Chelsea cries – you’re a wonderful man. Nick has no regrets – he appreciates what Chelsea’s done for him and Christian – follow your heart and live your life. In the background, Adam watches as they hug.

It’s time to say out with the old, in with the new, Abby announces – as Billy appears to look at Vikki.

Lousy timing – who’s texting you so close to New Year’s Eve? Mariah asks when her kiss with Tessa is interrupted. Tanner Watts. OMG – that’s amazing!

5, 4, 3, 2, 1, …. Vikki’s face breaks into a smile as Billy appears to kiss her. I didn’t think you’d make it. I wouldn’t miss it … Phyllis watches Chance kiss Abby… Amanda’s back at the bar looking lonely and alone…. Theo looks at Summer (who’s joined by her ‘goofball’ Dad) This’ll be our best year yet, she gives him a hug *(unaware that he’s just broken up with Chelsea)

Chelsea comes home with tears in her eyes. She’s about to kiss Adam when both turn to watch fireworks out the window hand in hand.