Thursday, January 2nd, 2020

Too much champagne last night? At home, Summer assumes her Dad’s hungover after ringing in the new year with Chelsea – then is disgusted to realize that her Dad’s trying to tell her that she’s moved in with Adam for good.

Happy New year, Chelsea comes downstairs. It is so far, a courteous Adam let her sleep in because her door was closed. Connor’s at the ranch showing off his kitten. Chelsea’s sorry about last night – you deserve an explanation. Holding her in his arms last night is all the explanation Adam needs.

Fussing over the table setting at Society, Kevin’s self-admittedly ‘terrified’. Why? Chloe wonders. Oh God, Mike and Lauren are here – the minute we announce our news, it becomes real, Kevin’s a wreck.

Mariah orders just one latte – she’s not seeing Tessa today. You will if you turn around, Sharon surprises her. On the patio, Mariah encourages Tessa – there’s no need for her to be nervous about her meeting with Tanner Watts; HE reached out to YOU.

You and Tanner have a lot in common, Mariah’s sure they’ll speak the same language – this meeting’s nothing to worry about. Arriving with Rey, Faith heads to the patio to ask where Tessa’s going. Mariah doesn’t want to jinx it. Grinning, Faith loves a mystery. Inside, Sharon’s forgotten that Rey took Faith skating this morning. On cue, Faith comes inside to thank her Mom for letting her go on a ski trip with her friend.

Nick updates Summer that he broke things off with Chelsea – we couldn’t start the new year off fresh; Adam’s the one she wants to be with. Honestly, Summer never thought it’d last – you were both on the rebound. You need someone who appreciates you. Nick’s not sure that’s possible – this is a whole lot of amazingness right here. He’s cool with being single (but doesn’t look it when left alone)

Adam confesses that he saw Chelsea and Nick having an intense conversation last night (which he completely misunderstood) Yes, that’s why he left – he assumed they were making promises to each other. No, it was a goodbye, Chelsea credits Nick with having the courage to do what she couldn’t even though it was difficult for him. He accepted that we belong together, Adam’s surprised to hear that her break up with Nick doesn’t guarantee that Chelsea will end up with him.

Have a great time (on the ski trip) Mariah will tell Faith about Tessa’s meeting if there’s anything to say. Sharon and Rey are now curious too. Mariah will tell them later too. Faith follows her to the door to say how happy she is that she and Tessa are happy ~hug~

I’ll update yesterday’s spoiler tonight – after I catch up on watching the show. Happy New Year.

Kevin’s thrilled that they’re having another kid. Good; Chloe was alone when she had Bella so wants to share this amazing, scary ride with the people they love. Lauren greets the couple and jokes as a grumpy and visibly hungover Mike takes a seat.

Lauren reports that Fen’s on his way. Ester’s bringing Bella, Chloe adds. Rubbing his temples, a dramatic Mike hopes they hurry the hell up.

Also at Society, Devon praises Mariah on doing a great job at Power Communications; especially with Tessa’s career – it’s really gonna take off this year. When Mariah then confides the Tanner Watts news, Devon’s impressed – when are they meeting? Now.

At TGP, Tanner hugs Tessa – this meeting has been a long time coming. It’s been a while. You look good. Thanks, you too. Tanner reminisces about when he lived in his van. I’d have given up if not for you. And now, in need of an opening act, he wants Tessa to tour Europe with him.

Chelsea will forever be grateful that Nick took her back – it breaks her heart that she hurt him again. Adam is the reason why – we have unfinished business. It’s more than that – it’s a future, Adam understands that she wants her heart to heal. But slowing down doesn’t mean completely stopping, right? How about a date? We don’t have to go out – give me time to put something together, he sends Chelsea out for a walk.

Back at CL’s, Nick’s alarmed when Faith heads off with Summer to discuss the boy she has a crush on. Friendly with Nick, Rey will be back at 7 to pick Sharon up. For dinner, he prompts when it seems she’s forgotten. Sharon’s left to joke about Nikki meddling in her son’s love life. She too hopes their best days aren’t behind them (and again blames her distraction on being busy) You and Rey have a great future ahead of you, Nick thinks him a great guy. Yeah, we do, Sharon forces a smile.