Thursday, January 2nd, 2020

Soon after Fen joins the gathering, Ester leads the round of praise – going to rehab was a very brave thing to do. Mike interrupts to grumble – he wants to go home. OK – keep the conversation to a dull roar, he grimaces agreement when Chloe insists he stay. He then hurries Ester in her announcement that she signed up on a dating app. Anybody else? Fenmore’s is opening stores in Tokyo and Seoul, Lauren announces. Mike doesn’t want to be a party pooper (but he’s had enough) Kevin and Chloe are about to make their announcement when Bella shouts that she’s going to be a big sister. Screw the headache, this calls for champagne, Mike suddenly recovers.

Mariah has confidence that Tessa could be just as big a star as Tanner Watts. We’ve had more than our share of disappointment – now it feels like anything’s possible, she tells Devon.

Tanner’s offer has no ulterior motive – this is about Tessa’s talent, not any other stuff. We were reckless kids back then; passionate. It was great while it lasted but we grew up and moved on. He just needs an opening act; it could be a win-win for both of us. Don’t let the past hold us back. Say yes.

I’d like everybody’s attention, Kevin obliges Mike by tapping a spoon to his glass as quietly as possible. He and Chloe toast everyone who’s sharing in their amazing news. It felt like he never left GC. He goes on to deliver heartfelt appreciation to his little family. Life is so good and only gonna get better. They then sandwich Bella between them for photos.

Chelsea returns to ring the penthouse doorbell – she didn’t want to just barge in with her key and seems touched by the ‘low key’ table Adam’s set up for their lunch. It’s not the date you envisioned, she’s sure. All that matters to Adam is that he’s with Chelsea.

Summoned to TGP by Tessa’s text, Mariah asks what Tanner said. He wants me to go on tour with him. This is epic! You’ll be playing huge stadiums, Mariah prattles on – you’ll need a new wardrobe. Slow down, Tessa’s not sure it’s a good idea. This won’t come between us, Mariah sees no issue. What if I told you it might?

Why would you going on tour be a problem? Mariah’s baffled. It’s not the first time I’ve met Tanner Watts, Tessa confesses. Yes, she knew him before. We were married. Mariah’s stunned.

Where did Adam learn how to make eggs like that? He grew up on a farm and perfected his omelette skills in Vegas. He then recites everything he remembers about Chelsea. I see the real you – all your imperfections. And you can love me in spite of them? I love you because of them. Adam doesn’t mind waiting. To you and me, he raises his champagne flute. Chelsea clinks his glass and drinks.

You’re acting like you’re never going to see me again, Faith jokes as Sharon crushes her with a goodbye hug. Once alone, Sharon goes to the patio to make a doctor’s appointment – she’s found a lump on her breast.