Friday, January 3rd, 2019

Shouldn’t you be at the studio? Mariah tells Tessa that she didn’t sleep last night because she was thinking about what Tessa told her the night before. Yes, you SHOULD have told me you were married – you had plenty of opportunities yet chose to lie. I thought we were done with all that, Mariah’s clearly hurt and disappointed.

Rey observes Sharon racing around the coffee house as if she’s nervous. No, he can’t help; she’s just busy – with stuff she has to handle on her own.

Nick drops by Vikki’s office. No, he’s not interested in being her CEO. She assumes he’s too busy – with the kid, New Hope and Chelsea. 2 outta 3 ain’t bad – Nick updates that he and Chelsea split up.

Chelsea returns to the penthouse with a bag of Connor’s favourite donuts. He’s upstairs, Adam again rambles on about Chelsea making their living arrangement permanent. No pressure, an uncomfortable Chelsea reminds.

Tessa stammers when accused of being a liar – she didn’t know what to do when Tanner called. She wasn’t thinking straight and thought she could fix whatever Tanner wanted on her own. You went to meet your ex-husband without even telling me you had one, Mariah’s pissed. We weren’t in love, Tessa insists – she wants to explain what he meant to her and what he didn’t.

Hungry? Chelsea and Adam meet Connor at the bottom of the stairs. Those are my favourite donuts – something’s wrong, he’s immediately worried. All seated at the table, Chelsea explains that Nick’s not her boyfriend anymore (but he and Christian will always be close) Does that mean we’re a real family again? Connor bleats.

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Word count: 3

Rey wants Sharon to take a break from CL’s. Sorry, no can do – she has an appointment with a distributor – dinner tonight? It’s a date – see you later, Rey wishes her good luck. With what? The coffee man. Oh, right. Now alone, Sharon looks worried when she gets an alert on her phone – Dr Norris, 15 minutes.

Vikki’s sorry to hear about her brothers’ New Year’s Eve break up. Nick’s surprisingly OK with starting 2020 off fresh. He wanted her to hear the news from him. Assuming that Chelsea’s with Adam, a supportive Vikki offers to relay the info to their parents so Nick doesn’t have to repeat the story again. Nikki appears on cue.

Tessa shares the story of two young, struggling musicians. Tanner was living out of his van, going from gig to gig hoping for his big break. We connected – Tessa sang back up for his band. One night, they were pretty buzzed and spontaneously got married. It wasn’t love, she again assures Mariah.

Surprised to return to CL’s, Rey wonders where Sharon is so texts to ask her.

Still at the table, his parents’ announcement makes Connor burst into tears. Are you upset? Adam’s puzzled. No, those are happy tears, Chelsea hugs her son close.

Hands on her hips, Nikki demands to know what her children are talking about. Vikki’s mid-fib when Nick blurts out that he and Chelsea broke up. Not convinced that Nick’s as OK as he seems, his Mom asks Vikki to leave them alone for a private chat. See you when I get back from Singapore, Vikki says on her way out. It’s just us now, Nikki states the obvious and asks Nick to open up (after repeatedly comparing him to his strong, stoic Father)