Friday, January 3rd, 2019

There you are, Rey surprises Sharon (who lies by claiming that the coffee guy changed the meeting to his office) Rey hopes it works out and suggests an early lunch. Her emotions all over the place, Sharon clings to him – she’d love that very much – work can wait. Grab a table, lunch is on me, she goes into the back room to release a stress-sigh.

Hearing that Rey bought a pair of shoes for a kid who was caught shoplifting, Sharon loves his kind heart. Getting summoned by text to the station, he gives her a kiss and thanks her for lunch.

Tessa knows it’s hard for Mariah to understand how two people who weren’t in love got married. They woke up the next morning and couldn’t believe what they’d done. But we were having fun, chasing our dreams so didn’t get the marriage annulled. Then it stopped being fun. Who ended it? Mariah asks. It was mutual – the divorce cost more than getting married. It lasted three months. In tears, Tessa insists Tanner meant nothing to her; YOU mean everything to me. Please tell me that’s enough, please.

Chelsea pauses on the staircase to listen in on Adam’s end of a telephone conversation. Connor’s taken a big step forward – his Mother and I would like to build on the momentum and address the issues he’s having at school. Thank you doctor. Chelsea comes down to hear that Adam was talking to the child psychologist Sharon recommended. Yes, we ARE a team – where Connor’s concerned she adds. Now more than ever, Adam smiles.

Mariah needs to go out – alone. We can work this out, Tessa follows her to the door to plead. Mariah’s not trying to punish Tessa – she understands why she wanted her past to stay buried. But the second Tanner called you was your chance to come clean. She feels like an idiot being excited that this could be Tessa’s big break. Tessa picks up her phone – I’ll call him right now to turn him down. Stop – wait – I need to think, Mariah exits.

Nick tells his Mom that he was the one to break it off. You don’t sound sure, Nikki detects. Nick just wants to move on (he’s hurt to think of Chelsea being with Adam) Yes, he does think his brother used his son’s issues – but he does genuinely love Connor (as does Chelsea) There’s nothing Nick could do to stop the inevitable.

Back at the penthouse, Chelsea’s reminded of how determined Adam is to help Connor. How he pours every ounce of effort into the person he loves. Watching that kind of love is incredible – being the object of that love is terrifying.

On the patio, Sharon makes a call to schedule a mammogram/ultrasound. Next Tuesday – 10:00 – don’t wear deodorant or perfume, she’s told before hanging up. Mom, thank God you’re here. Is this a good time? Absolutely, Sharon quickly reassures.

Nick won’t waste time wallowing – Chelsea and Connor deserve to be happy. So do you, Nikki frowns. Nick will focus on Christian and expanding New Hope. Nikki has full confidence that he’ll be fine – but stay away from Sharon, please. That’s what she thought you’d say, he chuckles – don’t ever change, Mom ~hug~

Chelsea knows Adam feels every emotion to the extreme; love, hate. Yes, I can be a bit intense, he admits. She then chuckles about him trying to frame her for Calvin’s death. Adam now realizes he’s not entitled to anything – he must prove that he deserves a second chance. And when Chelsea’s ready, he’ll take his last shot. He’s terrified it’ll all sleep between his fingers. You and Connor mean everything to me. I just need time, Chelsea’s told to take as much as she needs (but as she walks away, Adam looks perturbed)

Tessa puts her guitar down to answer the door. Is this a bad time? Tanner asks.

Seated on the patio, Mariah’s afraid to say it out loud – I’m just so scared. Of what? Sharon asks. That everything’s going to change. Sharon reaches across the table to hold her daughter’s hand.