Monday, January 6th, 2020

On the CL’s patio, Sharon’s excited to hear that Tanner Watts has asked Tessa to go on tour with him – then stunned when Mariah adds that they were once married.

At the apartment, Tanner pitches his tour to Tessa – hard. You’ll have the time of your life. What’s holding you back? Your girlfriend?

Having put Vikki’s luggage in the car, Billy goes over a checklist of things she should take along. The kids are with Hannah for the night; a treat Vikki’s arranged. A night off from the world is exactly what I need, Billy doesn’t look enthused as he hugs her.

If Summer’s at TGP to celebrate Kyle’s birthday, Theo wants it on record that he’s not there to crash the party. Summer doesn’t know what Kyle’s doing and neither does he; Lola’s arranged a surprise.

Lola leads a blindfolded Kyle to the front door of Society; closed for a private party – for two. Kyle’s impressed to have the restaurant to themselves; best gift ever ~kiss~

Whoa, wait – Tanner has no issue with Tessa’s girlfriend and is surprised to hear she didn’t know they were married. Did you just erase me from your past or what?

Lola serves Kyle the sandwich that brought them together – with the changes he wanted her to make (when she ran her food truck) Bon appetite. He liked the sandwich the way she makes it better so Lola heads back to the kitchen.

Back at TGP’s bar, Theo needles Summer about Kyle (sure she’s not over him)

Doing some online research on the cause of his dissatisfaction, Billy quickly gets bored and decides it’s as much fun as root canal and not what he needs – so sends a text to Amanda. Hey, up for some coffee?

Mariah understands why Tessa kept her marriage to Tanner a secret – she never thought she’d see him again so it didn’t seem relevant. Sharon knows a thing or two about lies of omission (hers led to problems with Nick) It sounds like you want to give Tessa a pass – she trusts Mariah to make the right decision. I’m proud of you. With a hug, Mariah doesn’t know what she’d go without her Mom to talk to. Sharon’s eyes glisten.

Tanner’s told his girlfriend all about Tessa. We have no reason to be ashamed of our past; we were kids. It makes for good material for songwriting. Tessa suspects a couple of songs were written about her. No, of course not, he claims. Tessa declares his idea to talk to her girlfriend a terrible idea.

Meeting Amanda on the CL’s patio, Billy couldn’t look happier to see her.

Dinner is served, Lola brings out two plates this time. Kyle’s behind the bar making mocktails that aren’t a secret family recipe. Fresh squeezed fresh blood oranges, vanilla extract, lime, soda water and honey. The ladies used to love his mocktails (when he bartended for models and hedge fund managers)