Monday, January 6th, 2020

Summer didn’t get Kyle anything for his birthday – why won’t Theo just let it go? And basically, you’re life is just as lame as his; you’re hanging out at a hotel bar. Wanna go upstairs? No. You called it off, she reminds Theo.

Knowing that Mariah won’t be impressed by the charming and handsome Tanner Watts (because she works with celebrities all the time) Tessa will work it out with her. Tanner needs to know whether she wants to join his tour asap – you believed in me; he wants to repay the favour. When Mariah appears, Tanner extends his hand – it’s nice to meet you.

With both Billy and Amanda are feeling ‘antsy’, he has a complicated puzzle for her to wrap her head around – you and me; what’s going on here?

Amanda’s just having coffee with a friend. Yes, but why are we friends? We have nothing in common, Billy lists what he and Vikki have in common. Yet, Amanda always seems to know what he’s thinking. Their differences listed, Amanda suggests they accept it instead of analyzing it. Cheers to that, Billy agrees.

Tanner praises Mariah’s brilliant videos; they showcase Tessa’s talent perfectly. Tessa makes a point of mentioning that Tanner has a girlfriend. He needs her answer soon, Nice to meet you, Tanner leaves Mariah to tell Tessa that she should go on the tour.

Summer doesn’t think Theo’s life any wilder than Kyle’s (as he’d like to believe) You turned down a job in Paris to work for him. The reason you stayed in GC is happily married (she means Lola)

Lola admits that sometimes when things are too perfect, she worries it’ll end (not their marriage but this honeymoon phase) Neither of us has been in a long term relationship. Kyle’s sure he and Lola will get through anything ~kiss~

Amanda’s not surprised that Billy got bored at home alone. She enjoys her own company but is trying to be more social and make friends in GC, like Phyllis. Billy confides that he hooked up with her when she was married to his brother. She’s cool, smart, funny – he’s not surprised they’d be friends. Sharon appears with her coffee pot – I didn’t know you two knew each other.

Amanda represented Nate (who got in trouble because of Vikki’s family) Billy explains. After Sharon excuses herself, Amanda leaves immediately. Billy’s left to wonder why he didn’t just tell Sharon that they’re ‘buds’. There’s nothing to hide – so why do you feel the need to hide it?

Mariah believes Tessa was afraid to tell her about Tanner and doesn’t want her to pass up the opportunity – you were born to do this. Whatever you decide I’ll support you ~hug~

No, Summer hasn’t told Kyle that Theo’s interested in his wife. It’s not too late for you to go to Paris you know. Theo has too much to accomplish in GC. Whatever that means – see you at work, Summer huffs out.

Kyle uses his phone to connect to Society’s system to put music and mood lighting on. They dance, laugh and look utterly in love.